Like flying drones change your life

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_pW71yLUqsFskIDespite the fact that drones have a bad reputation of the main supporters of the «Big Brother», the drones can really ease the life of modern mankind and to serve civilization. After all, these representatives of the latest advanced technology capable of…

1. To bring people back to life

In many airports, and at major sporting events can be seen Autonomous station for defibrillation, provide emergency medical care to those who have had a heart. Not so long ago was presented the new concept of such a device — «ambulance Drones». Drones are equipped with a defibrillator, microphone, camera and speaker, which allow the physician to remotely manage the process. A man can dial a special number, and it will fly a drone, and the doctor will remotely control all the actions of the person who assists the victim.

2. To extinguish the fire

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_S6WttsAiNswfUFighting raging forest fires are incredibly dangerous and difficult job. The flame can flare up unexpectedly, and in uncertain weather — to destroy huge areas. That’s where the need the help of drones! Among the thick clouds of smoke drones are able to find the fire, as well as to collect, process and send the most accurate information about the wind and weather in real time.

3. Save the planet

Porada.kom.ua_16.11.2014_TJ5KELAPF3N7EStarting in 2013, NASA regularly sends Global Hawk drones to explore the upper troposphere, but rather, the drone examines the tropopause layer between the troposphere and stratosphere. The main goal is to study in detail how water vapor interacts with ozone (drone provides information on humidity, cloudiness, radiation field, the chemical composition of the upper troposphere), what climatic changes are expected to our planet and what are the implications on a global scale.

4. To deliver medical equipment in remote areas

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_WIaJcBRVvagYjWorldwide more than one billion people live without access to normal roads and, therefore, more than one billion people are too far away to get emergency assistance in the event of an emergency. With the help of cutting-edge drones from the company Matternet this situation will change. The company’s goal is to develop a network of reliable and easy to use UAVs for such organizations as «Doctors without borders» and other agencies for assistance. The developers claim that it is now an urgent delivery will reach its destination within a week, and within hours. Weight «Deviceptr» will be 4.7 kg and cost about 20 000 Euro.

5. To deliver delicious food

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_WZpKIM8UECWX3The prospect of getting a piece of the fragrant and hot pizza, wherever you’re not hungry, seems just fine. We definitely want to live in such a future. These successful experiments were conducted in Milford, Connecticut, where a local restaurant has hired a drone as a courier, and in the UK. But this caused serious resentment on the part of the U.S. air force, but due to the growing popularity of the idea authorities promised to resolve this issue in the next year.

6. To help farmers

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_9ChMkWNTvAa4ZSince last year, drones have been actively helping the farmers in their hard and very useful work. Drones follow the animals during their grazing, and also with the help of special systems identify and track stray cattle.

7. Save the animals

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_SR1lefMc4pAzAThe conservation of endangered species is a headache both biologists and all enthusiasts of the green movement. Now this is the case take drones in your wings. Airware, the company works closely with Kenya to ensure security of animals from poachers. UAV capture any movement on the surface and using an infrared night vision camera easy to recognize a fire that is fueled by the poachers, who come to the Park mostly at night.

8. To help in archaeological excavations

manygoodtips.com_16.11.2014_gEcaT5HKbQkY3The invaluable help of flying drones has already received the archaeologists engaged in excavations in Peru. Drones a few days can create three-dimensional models of Peruvian landscapes, whereas previously it took many months. They also collect and process information, which further helps to restore damaged items.

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