Like a miniature retro camera


Hipsters have taken away from us, bearded dudes who like the old days, the ability to love old things. Love them, of course we can, but as it is a shame: they will call a hipster.

The problem of retro cameras is that they shoot… not really. First, because many old cameras is hopelessly flawed. Secondly, in order to remove these cameras, you need to have not just what skills in photography and with this many dudes problem. But this new Minox, despite the fact that he shaped «lake», has all the qualities of the usual modern camera and it looks cool.

The device is equipped with 14-megapixel matrix, a lens is not removed (trouble-trouble), optical viewfinder.

Manual setting is not available for: see these levers and buttons? They don’t work, this décor items and more! Everything is done with automation on the back — the most common touch screen display, the size of which is 2 inches. Pictures are saved in JPEG format and video (AVI 640×480). Pretty mediocre, dude, it’s basically just a soap dish that looks like a vintage camera!

The cost is $ 240.

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