Lighter batteries and chewing gum


Dude, you lasted until the middle of the working week, surviving in the harsh world of everyday life and dull colleagues in the office. But you’re an old hand, and know a lot about survival. But do you know how to make a fire without matches? Well, of course, you know, because we wrote about it. Do you know how to get the flame with a battery and chewing gum? It’s incredibly easy, effective and won’t take you much time. Despite the fact that it is a safe way, and the fire will be small (but enough that you could light a fire), be very careful, because you’re dealing with flammable object.

1. You need


Dude, everything is easier the very a piece of cake:

  • scissors;
  • AA battery;
  • a piece of chewing gum, sealed in foil (ideally find «Wrigley-s 5» and «Extra»).

2. Start

Just cut long thin strips of foil from the wrapper. The warehouses received the strip in half. Then carefully cut one corner diagonally, as shown in the photo. Bear in mind that to cut the strip it is possible. Once you unwrap the strip of this foil, it should remain thin part exactly in the center.

3. Time to light


After your simple preparations are complete, you can start testing handmade pyrotechnics. Pay attention to the fact that prior to the battery should connect only side of foil, paper(!). Hold both ends of the strips on opposite poles of the battery. This fire will not hold long, but it will be enough to light a fire without having matches or other fire sources. And last: dude, you remember what you drummed into your head since high school? And we remind you to be careful with fire!

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