Lifehack for shopping discounts

Savings – the key to a prosperous life. Perhaps that is why all the appropriate multi-millionaires in ordinary life, very greedy and not very generous friends. Just do not need to go to extreme measures and the lack of a million to save on food, fasting and walking in rags, simply use one of online services specializing in discounts. Here are the 5 most worthy. Come get ‘ em!


What is CUPONATION? It is such an online platform, where free promotional codes and offers for online shopping. The service collects all possible ways to save in online-shops (free promo codes, coupon deals and sale information) on one site and trying to help all who come to this site. I hope you’ll come by chance, because you’re a smart guy, right?

We will not unfounded and will give you a concrete example. You can easily save, for example, 1000 rubles for the purchase of sneakers. Behind all this lies a real and very tangible savings.

All discount offers and sales are tracked continuously so that you always when you would not have gone, you’re in the center coupon extravaganza. Moreover, on the website there is a section with exclusive promotional codes, which are represented by only them.



Westwing is a Studio of interior and design with a very attractive a twist: they have constantly held shares and all the products are offered with a decent discount, whether beer glasses, or furniture in an elegant Provencal style. When your friend starts complaining about the lack of beautiful curtains at your apartment, you know where to go. This place literally created for people with a keen appetite for beauty and luxury, but the beauty and luxury here at very affordable prices.

And things here are really cool, especially that brand and luxury price, here in time and most get hooked on Westwing.


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CloverR – oasis for the discerning buyers who prefer to buy goods wisely. All you need is in the section «Shops» to choose any, go to shopping, to make an order, pay for it, and after 3-5 days you will be rewarded from owners will be credited with a certain amount of money in the personal account. Some stores return a percentage of purchases, others a fixed amount. It can easily transfer to the Bank account or Yandex.Money.

Also here are all the deals in the world, and when a machine will get 5$. Isn’t it a beauty? And earn 10% cashback-rewards her friends, whom will you attract? In my opinion, is a dream.

The Clymb

You haven’t heard of The Clymb? You’re probably not an athlete, because The Clymb well known among thrill seekers and athletes of all stripes. They constantly come here to buy clothing, shoes and gear for all outdoor activities. But all goods are sold with flashy discount of 50-70%. It is from 2009 year, and you may as well buy a motorcycle for the right price.



Gilt is an island of justice in the ocean dastardly market. Carnival eternal sales of accessories and clothing for boys and girls of all, even pension age. With Gilt you can fulfill an old dream of hipsters and fashionistas of all stripes to dress fashionably and can afford. Even a nice watch for yourself and your favorite ladies can be purchased by slightly pressing the finger on the button of the mouse. And most importantly, it won’t cost you a lot of money.

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