Life with the tablet without it

manygoodtips.com_4.08.2015_VuwVzeAs12iBvImagine of Steve jobs has never been, the apple does not exist, and there are no analogues of the iPad, iPhone and others. Not the advantages that were given to us throughout this industry. We are not to make their lives easier in all sorts of applications, we have not acquired the cultural shifts in perception, which are exclusively such products. It is bad or good contrast? Let us discuss this in more detail.

1. Selfie

No one takes pictures of themselves 50 times a day and puts your face on display all over the world. No one takes pictures of food, their Pets or how they have fun. So, there was a camera, but you remember how negligible was the time spent with the camera. Go on vacation – a couple of shots, well, 10 pictures and well, the program is executed, go swim, go to the mountain and not zadalbyvaet anyone photos. It was. Now, even during serious campaign in a team of people who climb a steep cliff, a guy, or rather girl, which every minute will photograph themselves on the background of curved wood or grey stone.

This, of course, good when memory remains. But isn’t it better to remember everything your brain? Keep in mind those phantom sensations of beauty that you could watch with their own eyes and not through the prism of tablet, phone, or something? It seems that the technique is so ingrained in our consciousness that we have developed some dependence on it, which makes our lives any less real.

2. Navigator

When you arrive in a new city, there is now no need to ask address from local residents, a long and tedious look of the streets, that you need. To seek guidance in the form of any iconic buildings. This is all you need to do. You have a tablet, there’s a map and the ability to get the shortest route, be it Hiking or otherwise. Total time savings have freed a space for classes useful things. And in conditions of work it is really convenient. But think of a vacation and a city in another country where you wanted to go all my life. Wouldn’t it be more interesting to explore its roads, streets, parks itself? Stumble on something cool by accident, not knowing what awaits you around the bend? Yes, you will spend more time on this, but I also know the city better, will be far from the tourist routes, representative monuments and all other tinsel. On the other hand, can be lost. But it’s hard to imagine a person who has some knowledge of English, which will be able to find his way back.

3. Communication

Constant communication was a burden. Of course, you might say, being able to put the tablet and forget about what someone says there. But really, you still know that you received a message and must reply. We ceased to be alone with my thoughts. Maybe that’s why our head can only solve the pressing problems of everyday life?

The opportunity at any time to get in touch with a loved one is gorgeous, but it is not as useful as it seems at first glance. People need to take a break from each other, have private time, which is their sole, which cannot be split with another person. Now we take the top of the screen even with him in the bathroom, a place where the whole logic of things should be complete privacy and tranquility. Maybe we are just afraid to be alone in this ever-changing world?

4. Trivia

Watch, a lot of design programs, games, remote Bank account management, the ability to block the account, as well as excellent synchronization with data of a desktop computer. Tablet – a combination of those things, which previously had to carry in his pockets. And it’s all really convenient. However, like a Swiss knife can’t replace a real hunting from steel and the tablet are unlikely to give you the unique sensations that can only give certain items.

Let’s say wrist watch in a practical sense quite useless now, the thing that remained, however, in our world as a thing solely out of style. The same can be said about the real Notepad, where records are more substantial than any the application. In General, without all that we can do, but when the person refused in order to simplify your life?

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