Life situations that can make you pretty nervous

manygoodtips.com_23.03.2016_xaTMTgoT2qx01When you’re stressed, everything in life goes wrong, all wrong and all wrong. Life is changing, and not for the better. Smoked, drunk, eaten twice and can’t sleep at all. The body is freaking out, the brain panics, and it seems that life took you by the hair and pokes at his ass. And all because you’re gonna wear yourself out. There are many reasons for stress, and not all of them are objective as it seems at first glance.


Even positive changes can cause stress. Then, they change. Even the beginning of marriage and employment on a new job can be very thrill. No need to be nervous, no need to worry and look into the future: get along if you like. Just relax and enjoy. Come what may, and don’t put on more than you can take.

A feeling of hopelessness

Sometimes stress and anxiety is just subtle hints that you’re stuck in the wrong situation: a dead-end relationship; a city that doesn’t embrace; a job that drains power and gives you back only pennies. You can take comfort in excuses that things will get better soon, first is always difficult, we just need to give myself some time. Quite right, don’t need to dump my girlfriend, job and city two days after a serious relationship (with a job and a city you have also a kind of attitude), but deep down you know that it’s not yours, and the situation is tearing you up inside. And if soon the voice of reason will not rest, it is best to trust them.

Too much independence

Sometimes people mistakenly believe that autonomy or independence is a splendid and bold idea. But most often in adults and independent boys» the thorn of freedom overshadows common sense, and they are just not ready for all hardship and deprivation «real life». Have so and so to ask the nurse for help.

The inability to retire the other side of the coin with an eloquent inscription «independence.» Even the most ardent extroverts sometimes need to spend time alone to recharge the clip of the soul.

At least a couple times a week spend time with myself. Not with friends, not a girl, not with parents, not with it, but to devote the evening to a pleasant occupation. We don’t care what you’re gonna do is your own business.

Compare your life with other people

In General, you need as little as possible to go to Instagram, because it provokes the development of grandiosity and jealousy. Look at how people relax, and wonder: why am I so bad and boring live? Don’t worry, they also have a lot of problems. For example, due to the fact that they too often go to warmer climes, the likelihood of developing skin cancer are much higher than you, Penza owl.

High expectations

Should not be too overestimate the level of their expectations. Most often you are the main critic and the censor, and at the same time the culprit of their failures. You need to somehow correlate with the possibilities of desire. Start to treat yourself not as the guy that something should be, but as a person. You need to be more flexible, you know.

Grief and despair

For some, grief is uniquely associated with death, while others start to get bored after a quarrel with friends, girlfriends, due to layoffs and other life mischief. Grief is an extreme degree of disorder, then only clumsily opened the veins in a hot bath or alcoholism.

Grief is the most cruel and perfect provocateur stress and depression. It is almost a constant companion, they are inseparable as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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