Life lessons that we presented movies with Robin Williams

manygoodtips.com_7.10.2014_v6ocr6xYeLfXi12 Aug on 64-m to year of life this world has left a wonderful actor Robin Williams. Probably committed suicide. Saying that he had financial problems in the family that was a long time in depression, but all of these assumptions — empty speculation of onlookers who did not make life easier for his family and sorrow of millions of fans.

Williams — winner of the award «Oscar» and five-time winner of the award «Golden globe». He gained fame through his roles in the films «August rush», «Bicentennial man,» «what dreams may come», «patch Adams», «Jumanji», «Good will hunting» and many others. All the actor has played almost 300 films, and four films with his participation will be released after his death.

We reviewed his most famous paintings, imbued with great wisdom and life lessons, challenges and the UPS and downs that are familiar to absolutely every person on the planet.

So what is the legacy left behind by the actor? His characters are so passionately wanted to convey to the audience, but failed to convey to the Robin?

1. «Popeye», 1980

«Even if you’re me, you can’t win, because you’re evil, and good always triumphs over evil».

Lesson: Believe in good. It is able to overcome many obstacles.

2. «The world according to GARP», 1982

— Remember, Helen…

— Remember that, my love?

— All.

Lesson: Too often you focus only on the negative, constantly chewing on the negative aspects of his life, but forgetting the good times when you were happy.

Remember all.

3. «Moscow on the Hudson», 1984

— I want freedom.

— I understand that. Political will or artistic?

— Just freedom.

Lesson: Cherish your freedom

4. «The awakening», 1990

«The human spirit is stronger than any medicine. Read the newspaper that they write? About the bad, only the bad. People have forgotten what life is, what it means to be alive! They need to be reminded of what they have, and what you can lose! I feel that life is joy is a gift, freedom! Life is a miracle!»

Lesson: the most important things are not things.

5. «Good morning, Vietnam», 1987

«Good morning, Vietnam! Doooope morning, Vietnam! Hey, it’s not a test. It’s rock and roll!»

Lesson: In the midst of terrible times (even military), humor and ability to just enjoy a new day — a lifeline that keeps a person afloat in the stormy sea of adversity and challenges.

6. «The adventures of Baron Munchausen», 1987

«Because I was tired of the world and the world obviously tired of me… Why I was surrounded by logic and reason?! Science, progress, laws of hydraulics, laws of social dynamics, laws, laws! There is no place for Cyclops in the South seas! No place for cucumber trees and oceans of wine! There is no place for me.»

Lesson: You don’t have to fit into a common framework and standards. You have the inalienable right to be themselves and to find their own path to self-expression and creativity.

7. «Dead poets society», 1989

«Seize the moment. Pluck the rosebuds in his youth». Why did the author write these lines? Because we are food for worms, lads. It would not seem improbable, but each of us will one day cease to breathe, trembles and dies. Look at these faces from the past — these guys are not much different from you: trimmed, young, like you; like you, I feel invincible — the world belongs to them. Like many of you, they believe that they will have a great future, their eyes full of hope. But didn’t they spent nothing inherent in them the ability? Alas, gentlemen, these boys are now fertilize the daffodils. But if you listen, you will hear addressed to you the words: «Carpe diem. Seize the moment, boys. Let your life be extraordinary»».

Lesson: Every person has the potential to accomplish great things. Any extraordinary. Do something meaningful. Leave your mark.

8. «Good Will Hunting», 1996

«If I ask you about love you’d quote me a sonnet, but you never looked at a woman and was not completely vulnerable. You didn’t know the woman you well. You don’t feel like God just for you has sent down an angel who will save you from the depths of hell. And you don’t know what it means to be an angel for her. So much to love her, through everything, through cancer. You don’t know how to sleep in a hospital on the chair for 2 months holding her hand because the doctors can see in your eyes that visiting hours — the rules are not for you. You don’t know about real loss because that can be understood only when you love someone.»

Lesson: a Real sense makes you vulnerable. The feeling, when even a heartless bastard like you, whom he loves more than himself.

9. «Die again», 1990

«You take what you’ve learned from this life and carry that knowledge into the next. It’s karma».

Lesson: Experience is valuable knowledge. Don’t be an idiot, do conclusions and to use this knowledge to your benefit.

10. «Aladdin», 1991

«A fool only those who give up, boy.»

Lesson: you alone are responsible for your life and for yourself. When I want to complain about the fate of the stumps himself. So stronger.

11. «The Fisher king», 1991

«One day a fool wandered into the castle and saw the king who was lying on his bed and died from a serious illness. A fool would not see the king, he only saw a suffering man. He asked the king: «how can I help you, friend?» The king replied, «I’m thirsty. I just need to moisten a sore throat». Then the fool took the Cup that stood beside the bed of the king, filled it with water and handed it to the king. When the king began to drink he realized that his wounds healed. He saw that in his hands was the Holy Grail, which he sought all of his life. And turning to the king, and he said with surprise: «How could you find something could not find me?» Stupid replied, «I don’t know. I only knew that you were thirsty».

Lesson: don’t judge a person by his appearance, social or employment status.

12. «Captain Hook», 1991

Well, that ended our adventure.

— Oh, no. Life… Life is the most amazing and big adventure!

Lesson: Fill the pages of the book of its existence is worthy of bright moments, to have something to remember, and never had reason to regret wasted time.

13. «Be a man», 1993

«We never have enough time. No time to stop and think: «What have I learned?» Control the situation, though it’s not as easy as it seems. We all make the same mistakes, stand in traffic jams, spend a lousy Friday, arguing with the boss again and again and again…»

Lesson: Stop tilting at windmills, accept what you can’t change. Change what not to take.

14. «Jumanji», 1995

«26 years of trials and wanderings in the wilds of the jungle and I still became like a dad.»

Lesson: Throw the burden of the past, otherwise you risk becoming that person who never wanted to be.

15. «Cage for birds», 1996

«Yes, I have principles. Yes, I live with my husband. Yes, I’m an old fag. But I know who I am, Val. And to understand who I am, it took me twenty years.»

Lesson: Be yourself and don’t let anyone undermine your belief in yourself.

16. «Father’s Day», 1997

«For many years I thought about suicide. This is the only thing that helped me to survive.»

Lesson: When you focus on your grief is the only thing that you will notice, both in themselves and in the environment, renouncing good.

17. «Deconstructing Harry», 1997

«All people know the same truth. But our life consists of choice, as we prefer to distort.»

Lesson: Any point of view, as any thoughts, is the place to be. There is no absolutely right or absolutely wrong judgments. Each person has their own truth.

18. «What dreams may come», 1998

«Everybody’s hell is not necessarily the fire and resin! Our hell is a life wasted!»

Lesson: I don’t think your destiny is to be commander in chief of cushion forces. Get your ass up and if you do not change your life, then at least get your lazy carcass to the gym. Start small.

19. «Patch Adams», 1997

My name is Patch.

— Mitch Roman. The Georgetown University. Received the Thompson award for academic achievement.

— Graduated from elementary school. Once got two stars for the rabbit pattern.

Lesson: don’t be shy of your achievements, despite the fact that in comparison with the success of other people they may look insignificant. Any victory is your victory. Be proud of it.

20. «Jakob the liar», 1999

«Hunger for dreams — much worse than hunger for the stomach.»

Lesson: Life without hope is torture.

21. «Bicentennial man», 1998

«Unique is what makes us our imperfections. The whole Secret of perfection — imperfection! And I think personality is much funnier intelligence.»

Lesson: Find your strengths of character and improve them daily. Any weakness can be turned into a strength.

22. «Artificial intelligence», 2001

«Eternal Fear, not get rid of him, he’s lying, hiding, and waiting when he will have the opportunity to come up to the surface.

Changes carry a fear, and fear brings destruction and death».

Lesson: a strict struggle against the external enemy and the internal. And until you overcome your fears, you will not be able to move forward, reaching new heights.

23. «One hour photo», 2002

«The shutter clicked, the flash flashed, we have fixed forever in one second».

Lesson: Memories are able to stop time, reverse it. It may be just a head. But using the memories of many people who have gone out of our lives, stay with us.

24. «Insomnia», 2001

«You’re a very good person. I know that. Even if you yourself have forgotten about it.»

Lesson: do you Consider your friends and relatives with beautiful people? I think so. Now think would be good people to love you, communicate with you, if you were a complete asshole? No. Every person has something for which he can be appreciated and respected.

25. «Night at the Museum», 2005

«Some men are born great. Sometimes you have greatness thrust upon them».

Lesson: Some are born with a Golden spoon in his hands. This does not mean that people who don’t have millions in the accounts that we inherited, not to glorify themselves great things.

26. «August Rush», 2007

«You never quit on your music… No matter what happens, because whenever something bad happens to you, this is the only place where you can escape to and just let it go».

Lesson: each of us has to be a place where we go to lick their wounds. Place or thing in which we can sink with the head in order to escape from trouble or themselves.

27. «World’s greatest dad», 2009

«I thought the worst thing in life is to stay to the end all alone. This is not so. The worst thing in life is to stay end up with people who make you feel alone».

Lesson: take Care of those who love you. Interested in the Affairs of friends. Call your parents.

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