Life lessons from Winston Churchill

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_ZytaotZq9YuCTWinston Churchill – a figure, of course, the cult, is the quintessence of all English. Despite his hard, full of disappointments life (take the fact that, according to rumors, he was born in the ladies toilet while her mother was at the ball), he did not despair, and never depart from their habits and rules. And achieved fame not only as a great politician who leads the nation in one of the most difficult periods in its history, but also as an incredibly witty, engaging and charismatic man. Here are some tips from the old Winnie (not to be confused with «Vinny», Vinny is short for Vincent).

How to apologize

Once to the Churchill on a friendly visit arrived US President Franklin Roosevelt with his wife. At a dinner party in honor of the distinguished guests was a lot of food. Among them – delicious chicken (from foodie Churchill could not be tasteless food). When the waiter asked Churchill which part he prefers, he replied that he wants a lump. Suddenly, President Roosevelt began to reproach the old Winnie:

– Winston, you know perfectly well that we in America they say «dark meat» or «white meat», but not «breast».

– Oh, I beg your pardon, because among us the lady reluctantly apologized Churchill.

Churchill did not want to offend anyone, just forgot the word «lump» was very Bulganin to the upper world of the former British colony.

It was in 1943, it was necessary to be friends with US, so Churchill decided to apologize and sent Mrs. Roosevelt a strange Orchid with a note: «In memory of an unforgettable evening. Attach it to your «white meat».»

About Hobbies

Once Churchill was interviewing one of the candidates for the vacant position of the assistant personal Secretary. The Challenger was quite a young man with a pleasant appearance. As expected, the Prime Minister found out the name of the person asked about its origin. And then lit a cigar, he asked:

– How old are You, young man?

– Twenty-nine, sir, ‘ replied the interlocutor.

– Tell me, are You married?

– Yes, sir.

– Children do You have?

– Four, sir.

Once inhaled, Churchill for the time became silent. And then, after a long pause, he continued:

– You, young man, you probably know that I love to smoke Cuban cigars. But, despite the fact that I love to do it, I still make a break and pull his cigar out of his mouth. Think about it.

By the way, the day he smoked 10-12 strong Cuban cigars. And still, cigarette a Winston not have any relation to Mr. Churchill.

What should be always at hand

Going to the Boer war, Churchill was among other items brought eighteen bottles of whiskey, twenty-four bottles of wine, six bottles of port wine, vermouth, cognac and twelve bottles of lemon juice. As they say, war is war…

More time on a hobby

Love Churchill to drink a glass or two was known to all. He said: «In my youth I made it a rule not to drink a drop of alcohol before lunch. Now that I am no longer young, I stick to a rule not to drink a drop of alcohol before Breakfast.» He was very fond of whiskey. As you know, the favorite brand was «Johnnie Walker Black Label».

A special passion was to 50 degrees of Armenian brandy. He walks the bike, once Vinny noticed that the brandy is not the same. And Churchill, no brandy is like a car without gasoline. Outraged, Churchill sends an angry letter to Stalin in which outraged and wondered what the hell ruined the cognac? It turned out that the master who did drink, was exiled to Siberia. It instantly returned, washed, cleaned, was given the title «hero of socialist labor», and – about a miracle! – cognac again got all lost, and Winnie returned the meaning of life, happiness and health.

But do not rush to follow his example, dear Man. So plump and normally work, or health, or be born Churchill.

And another phrase of the character: «I took from alcohol more than he gave me.»

All look good

One day Churchill was told that one of the members of Parliament were seen in the bushes with the young guard. What to do after the war. All I earned as I could. But the British press immediately raised a scandal.

And Churchill said:

It happened Friday night?

– Yes, – he answered.

But after Friday night’s bloody cold, – said Winston.

– Yes, it was the coldest night of the year.

– It makes me proud that we are British.

If you think that Churchill was a homosexual, you’re wrong. In the end the guy had 5 kids and everyone like him.

Churchill and bitches

Walk on the network is full of stories about how Churchill wisely left not different bitch. He’s generally not particularly developed relationships with the ladies. Remember the famous quote: «Yes, I’m drunk. But tomorrow I’ll be sober and you’ll still be the same terrible.» Here is another story.

Was such a vile woman is lady Astor, the first woman in the House of Commons (there is such a governing body on the Albion). It is more annoying to the public than she liked. Was hysterical Puritan, before the war, Hitler considered the ideal ruler. In General, the opposite of Churchill’s views and opinion. Because they are each other’s hated. During a diplomatic visit to the USSR, lady Astor even called old Winston «man».

And now fate has brought them to the same dinner party. Lady Astor said acidly

– If you were my husband I’d give you a poison!

– If you were my wife, I’d drink it, – calmly replied Churchill.

Before copying the communication style of the Churchill with the ladies, remember that he had a charisma and a sharp mind. Therefore, ladies had nothing to say in response.

For productive work

Churchill loved to work naked. Some secretaries have resigned, not having worked a day, as they were embarrassed by huge, bare-bellied carcass of the Prime Minister. Once caught him in this «outfit» the President of the United States. Of course, he was very embarrassed, and began to babble excuses that, well, he’s not interested and he’s embarrassed but he comforted him with the words: «I have nothing to hide.»

Despite this, he was incredibly prolific. He has written numerous books, writes a heartfelt speech, a lot of successful thought and as you can see, has achieved great success. So, Dude, if you want to be successful, maybe should try to work in «the costume of Adam»?

Special attention deserves the order of the day Churchill. He woke up every morning at 7.30, had Breakfast in bed, read the Newspapers, gave orders to the Secretary. At 11 a.m. got out of bed, bathed, walked and walked to the Cabinet, taking a glass of whiskey. The three-course meal, with cigars and champagne were served promptly. At five in the evening he drank another glass of whisky and soda, then half an hour sleep, at 18.30 again took a bath and dressed for dinner. Then, when the whole house went to bed, he was still a few hours working in the office. By the way, he took a bath even during the war. And I must say that this daily routine gives hope to all the lazy. Lie down, thump, swim – just do not forget that during the time Churchill was not the Internet. And if it were, the work of old Winnie was exactly would never. Though I must admit that he is a unique figure, and therefore managed to do everything.

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