Life is the Blues

If you ask about the meaning of life and why a Supreme deity sent your way a ton of hate, evil and deprivation, the answer inevitably brings us to the phrase, «Because! And don’t whine, man.» Life, she often has no answer. And it is necessary or to accept, or to fight. First, second and end up the same in the grave. Is this good Blues as a musical phenomenon, he States that the pain and death and yet help to overcome it all. This is the meaning of all this, especially the «black Blues». And some of the musicians are the real philosophers from the simple but harsh lives, with their ordinary and some kind of «true» wisdom. When you get too hard, pay attention to this music, it will immediately bring you to your senses.

«Three o’clock Blues», BB King

Blues – a beautiful thing, and the king of the Blues BB King – the wizard to make great music. It differs from other bluesmen that inspire him above all his women, of which there were many. And we think that he has found a good source for his creativity.

«The Thrill Is Gone», BB King and Eric Clapton

The Union of these two geniuses have created not only incredible music but also real friendship. If you haven’t heard their duets, you didn’t hear the music real life. Clapton is one of the few white guys in the Blues, who know how to do music. About it, by the way, we wrote chic lyrics.

«How Many More Years», Howlin’ Wolf

The howling wolf is a healthy Negro, who has long worked in the fields and played for ordinary workers. Then he became famous, but managed to catch the «star disease» have not dabbled in cocaine and was not rock-n-roll star from the Blues. The wolf lived a simple life and sang about what lay in his heart. Very honest and to the bone music, which has no place in the world of sitcoms, TV shows, hot news.

«Five Long Years» Buddy Guy

Buddy guy was also tough. His music is full of vocal artistry and unexpected solutions, it doesn’t look experimental. Buddy guy seems to say to you through his songs, talking about their adventures, about their experiences and, oddly enough, about you. It is strange that this guy was afraid to speak face to viewers why his first concerts were very strange. Buddy turned to the audience back. He was a character.

«HoboBlues», John Lee Hooker

Postwar song, which was played in the players of many black men and white too. The Blues hooker can’t be compared with anything. The hooker put in music himself, now hardly anyone can accurately as well. Even the last recording of hooker pleasing his energy and skill.

«Evil» Howlin’ Wolf

Another song «howling» is always good, and never hurt anyone. «Evil» is a hit, no doubt. Hit that rehash, rehash, and will sing. And no matter what time it is. That’s nearing the end of 2015, and you still listen to this stuff which will be better than anything produced in recent years.

«That Woman Named Mary», Lightnin’ Hopkins

And here’s another example of a classic Blues song about a girl named Mary. Generally, in Blues, every third song is a song about some girl who dissed bluesman. So if you had a similar situation, don’t be sad.

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