Life in the wilderness: why and than threatens

manygoodtips.com_14.07.2015_2A9y8I0nMuML5Dude, every one of us once dreamed about to throw this shit to the limit: cities, Metropolitan areas, piles of automotive scrap metal and human bodies and go to the place where it will cool, natural, so to speak. To go back to the origins that gave birth to us. If you’ve never thought wait these thoughts in the near future. And there is a reason: the global fatigue from humanity, fears and depression, suggests that there is, somewhere in the woods, the mountains will be better. We vividly imagine a house of log cabins, which was lost in a large forest on the territory of our country. And Yes, of course, we think that if somewhere is good, because it is there where almost no people. But you should also know that this life is not devoid of difficulties, and you can imagine? Or do you really think that going all day to produce their own food, as hunters in the past, and live on it. Sooner or later you have to come across the pitfalls that will be waiting for you in the way of this relative seclusion.

If we flee from civilization, to go where there are less people. If no people, then there is no serious infrastructure, and therefore you need seriously to change the view of convenience, etc. Many common items such as electricity, hot water, gas, can and does exist. However, you can always partially implement everything myself, which takes a lot of time, money and effort. In any case, for the urban man to live without it is tantamount to terrible torture. We too have become accustomed to such comforts, if we now we take for granted and natural.

A few years ago to live in the wilderness meant a complete separation from the entire world of reality. Now, globalization is so entrenched on the planet, it’ll just be a hermit becomes hard work. But it’s good. For example, lack of communication, information can be compensated by the Internet, which, believe me, you will be required. If you have Internet access, then you’re a full member of society, wherever he is, and can take an active part in his life. That you now think: «Why is it needed if I want to live according to the canons of nature, like a real man: cut firewood, shoot a deer and catch a huge crab for dinner?» But people now and person even of the late twentieth century – they are two different people. Hard for us to imagine what information starvation and than it threatens the dude, who every day used to learn something new. So the Internet is really necessary and even in the wilderness it is possible to spend, if you ask for. people. We’re saying that we don’t need, I was sick of tired. And the first few months you may be glad you’re going to see next, but what will happen then? Live human interaction can be compensated by the conversations network, Skype, etc. But at this stage of human development to fully compensate for it you can’t. We are as before in need of human warmth, sex, meaningless conversations with eye to eye – too we are social animals, even the most introverted of us.

Let’s say one simple thing: if you want to live on the edge of the world, you just need a good, sturdy car. You have to know the location nearest to you settlements. The best option would be if a few hours ‘ drive was located in some town, where they sold everything you needed, it would be several entertainment venues and a cinema. Do not care, no longer need, but some things really needed. Hospitals are some of them. Sooner or later, but you’ll definitely get sick, catch something, corny catch a cold. Then you will need medication, and they need to stock up in advance, especially if you live somewhere in the middle of nowhere. For an ambulance you’d better not, so you will have to carefully monitor their health, and daily exercise needs to become a healthy habit of life. In the cities we can afford to start and train largely just to not look like shit in the middle of nowhere the point of the exercise is quite different – it returns to the first principle.

In General, it is clear that near your house there should be some settlement where you can get help, food and other things. There is another danger that must be addressed first, otherwise you’ll just blow it off. The essence is in the feeling of security, but this feeling comes only when you have a good gun. A license for a shotgun to buy is relatively simple, although you naterpitsya all sorts of paperwork, but worth it. This should give you confidence in yourself, then you will certainly be less nervous.

Of course, you’ll have to study the Geology of the area where want to stay. You need to know what natural dangers lurk outside of your house. Or there are floods, fire? Maybe every month they destroy everything in their path creepy landslides? In this case, the place should, of course, change. It should take seriously and examine everything before you buy or build a house.

By the way, about the food. You know, you can’t every day to go to the store as soon as you take into the idea to eat something. Therefore, the products need to be treated more thoroughly. A large part is to buy for weeks in advance, also you must learn the harvesting of pickles, jerky, and maybe even prepare drinks such as beer, honey and so on. These skills can you brighten up the time and will help you not to die of hunger.

Doesn’t have to be wild if you want to live in conditions that are far from the usual urban man. Actually live in the suburbs with dignity of an aristocrat with all the advantages that you have in the city. So, in some moments will be harder, but some, on the contrary, easier. If you work remotely, it will be like a balm for the soul, a huge number of things distracting you just disappear, you will be freer to breathe, and the simple pleasures of life, of which you had not guessed, will be your best reward for work.

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