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The question actually in what. I’m 21, but I feel 15 max. I’m terribly boring my future profession, no interest it does not matter. Plus, I am alone 95 percent of the time. Girls never did. Even to meet did not try. Uni is almost over. The idea of living on in the form of prekladatelia pieces of paper in the office causes terrible anguish. Chat with guys I don’t know how. Usually about. I’ve always been all weird. At school I was… um… not very good, so to speak. In the University history repeated itself. At this age it is difficult to find a company. I wanted to have fun, to have people who will understand me for whom I will be your. But this did not happen. I would like to say, a stranger in a man’s world. But with the female I don’t encounter almost. Me haunted by the feeling that life has ended before it even started. I frequently think about suicide because bored and lonely, and most importantly, it makes no sense. In General, something like that. Sorry for catching up on depression, I just don’t who to tell. Thanks in advance, guys.

The answer

Dude, let’s frankness for frankness? Will not dismiss, will not RUB the tears on the face and waste time on pleasantries. Let’s get to it! But the fact that in all their troubles, often, people’s own fault. What you feel for 15, says, I’m sorry if I hurt your lack thereof. To regain 2007 is not cool. The world is open to you! It is so interesting and unusual, and everything is on the surface. You just have to step up and take what you think is necessary. But I have to try. Yourself. Nobody said it would be easy.

Start reading more variety of books, from Patriotic classics to modern journalism and the esoteric, developing Outlook. Find a hobby to you, and develop physically. Send your dissatisfaction with life in the sports will be more confusing. And yet, as my grandma says, you’re beautiful, strong and muscular girls will love.

Another point with regard to suicide. I understand that this is not the Central theme of the issue, but not to mention it is impossible. All this idiocy (and suicide is, of course, idiocy) have no time to think, if you’re dealing with. In the present case. Colonel at least some part of yourself. Expand your interests. And you find yourself a normal job (I hope no need to explain that not all work in the specialty, even many successful people)! Yes, you will have to look for yourself, hardly anyone will help. But in our crazy age there are so many necessary and unnecessary professions that find them easier than to find the difference between a Mercedes and a Zaporozhets. Build himself. And try to grow as a person, because in the infantile consciousness guy age can start a family and build a career, few personality.

You mentioned that other people think you’re weird. So try to communicate with them in their language. They say that a stranger in «man’s world» – choose your men’s Hobbies. Man is composed of his Hobbies and interests, they change him more than the people around them. Maybe their interests will affect you, maybe it’s yours. Believe me, in women’s world you will not feel so freely as in the male. As mentioned in the popular cartoon «Flap Jack», «with holes can be friends», but in the end, sooner or later you will want to be more than a friend, but it is not necessary. And then hatred of all women, anger, neglect, seclusion… Well, if persistently fails to become among strangers, look around: our planet is full of weirdos, even in your town, even your street. It is impossible to find a common language with so-called normal fellow find with the cranks. Incidentally, they tend to be more responsive and listen to reflexive confession.

«In this age to find a company is hard». Are you sure 15, not 75 feel? It’s time to shape the environment, to start Dating. It’s 30 years to become difficult, although there are some who at 60 finds new comrades. Do you have any interests, Hobbies? I do not believe that there is. If you hate yourself like that, then it is a sure sign that it is time to change.

And about girls… Oh, you know, how many lonely virgins like you. Hikoushi Chan no less than hikoushi coons. Why do you think created the social network? Including that you could find in this turbulent flow celebs and fakes friend. And about the fact that I haven’t even tried to meet you – nonsense! What are you afraid of? That after failure it will run with a placard and shouting in a loudspeaker that dumped you? No. Refuse – send her to hell. Or you decide that he don’t fit with anybody? Let me ask, who gave you the authority to decide for others? Sounds rude and inappropriate? Possible. But, I agree, is fair. You just go with the flow, acting and resigned to their loneliness. Read books on psychology, you see all kinds of trainings, study of communication. Ways to meet a girl not more than the girls. Material above the roof, and in the public domain.

If you’re going to say that it all tried it, but you can’t do it, then good luck in a sad lonely existence. In the words of Bob Kelso on scrubs: «life is hard, get used to it. There are no miracles. It all depends on you.» So learn, look, perfection. And at least once in your life try something to bring to the end, and not give up at the slightest hint of failure.

Read inspires and move on, otherwise you’ll regret about lost time and opportunity. We are confident that you get it up the spirit and life will show you who’s a man!

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