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manygoodtips.com_17.06.2014_JRS8Ct3DrftSeIn the life of every man there are days when he realizes his way of doing things is not the best way to do things and can be improved. The inspiration comes after the pizza came home cold, or after it for the hundredth time sent a letter to the partner without attachment. With whom did not happen? How to be good in emergency situations?

1. Remove tourists from photos from vacation.

  • Put the camera on a tripod.
  • Shoot about 15 frames with a break of ten seconds.
  • Open Photoshop → Scripts → Statistics.
  • Select Median.

2. Scare away mosquitoes with a fan

Mosquitoes have weak wings, they blow away even the wind speed 3 m/h in Order not to bother these pesky insects, put it next to a fan, even better several. So you’re surrounded by life-saving flow of air.

3. How to get a video of the accident

If you ever get in an accident, which will not be to blame, contact a nearby building to get the CCTV footage. If you do not give, you can always re-shoot them with the camera on the phone.

4. Cool the drink faster

Wrap the bottle with wet paper or towel and place in the freezer. After 15 minutes it will be icy!

5. Take the pizza warm

Turn on heated seats to pizzas came to your house warm.

6. Spread frozen butter

For this you need to grate it for bread or toast.

7. To avoid crying while cutting onions

Put it in the fridge (if you don’t keep it there) for 10-15 minutes before slicing. Crying is not manly.

8. So spoiled berry

As soon as you bring it home, wash it with a mixture that contains one part vinegar and ten parts water. The vinegar will kill any mold spores and bacteria that spoil the grapes. Raspberry will stay for a week, strawberries up to two weeks.

9. To remove puffiness of eyes

Keep in the fridge a couple of spoons. Waking up, applied them to the eyes, but don’t press hard. Hold until the spoon will not become room temperature.

10. Attach the attachment in the first place

Attach the attachments to the letter before you begin to write. Sometimes you’re too focused on the text and forget to attach the necessary file, and have to send a second email. Feel foolish.

11. Attach keys on the ring with staple remover

Use the staple remover so as not to hurt the nails when attaching a new key on the ring. It is easier to bend on its edge.

12. Write the address in the last turn

When you write an important email and need to enter the address in the last turn to the mistake not to send the letter unfinished.

13. Foursquare to find Wi-Fi password

In the comments very often write the password of the Wi-Fi. It will be useful to travelers and just a rogue or modest people who don’t want to bother the waiter.

14. Use packets of silicone balls to prevent rust tools

Throw a couple of these bags in the tool box and they will absorb moisture, preventing the metal tools to rust.

15. Check the signal of the phone when looking for an apartment

Otherwise you’ll be disappointed when you move into a new apartment where your phone will be forever unavailable — will catch only a cupboard in the kitchen.

16. Use a hanger for trousers to keep an open cookbook

The recipe is forever closed and you’re forced to flip through pages of a book stained in the meat with your hands? If you fix it page clothes pegs from hangers for pants and hung on a cupboard handle, the problem will disappear!

17. Thedocumentary the condition of the apartment before it to enter

Always photograph flat in the day, when you enter into it. This will save time for you and her owners: you will be spared from having to argue and prove to each other that you’re not burned through the linoleum in the hallway. If you will print photos and send to your e-mail, and they will become an official document, which can be used even in court.

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