Life hacks! Why?, 26.07.2013, ynmP1V6eAzrOn4M2wmLj98qLtGCy89QhLife hacks. They flooded the Internet. They are trying to facilitate my life in everything — even the fact that I don’t really want to facilitate. An excerpt from Wikipedia says that originally the movement was extremely useful:

«Lifehack (lifehacking, from the English. life hack) is a set of techniques and methods of «hacking» life to facilitate achievement of goals through various tips and clever tricks.

The term «lifehacking» invented in 2004 by British journalist Danny o’brien. He connected the word life («life») and hack («hack»).

In 2006, the American society for the study of dialects named lifehack as one of the most useful words after the podcast.

Lifehacking is essentially a set of useful and often short tips, with less cost and/or more quickly resolve various life and household tasks. For example:

to Unscrew from the socket of the broken bulb;

how to quickly get a drink at a crowded bar;

how to remember a phone number or PIN code;

to stand in a queue;

how to spend less time getting to work;

as faster to perform more complex tasks;

how to quickly create a plan of the speech;

how not to worry in front of an audience, etc.»

But now guys go too far, and I recently met some absurd advice from lifecare on the Internet about «how to cum faster» and «use a grater to grate the cheese», and in the last Council earnestly discussed that the cheese is much easier to chop on a grater, not cut with a knife. Here’s the opening, and we didn’t know.

After reading the tips we in edition have decided to make a compilation of lifehacks for such lifecare, without foreign advice can’t even figure out how to call the Elevator.

10 of the most essential life hacking in the life of any living person

1. Not to get your hands dirty while eating, use Cutlery, 26.07.2013, NwNLtr4HzNaphCdYiaOjB4UVEynHW7CZ

2. To get from point a to point B faster, use transport instead of walk, 26.07.2013, kvABwe0WUe5Zhv7BRNYFjuJtG0DAEz7e

3. Below the products you bought, preserved the freshness, use a fridge, 26.07.2013, hNl8SITAkSOHBdXUNrvnRj5Me5VUg1kf

4. Use toilet paper to stay clean after going to the toilet, 26.07.2013, BYteSMm6DlKB8ZuUDM3h0MsV8RL9oGVG

5. Drink liquid to to want to stop drinking, 26.07.2013, 48MbbSq8Ytxjos0McgYUbN62Vf6fRqjs

6. To change channels, not coming to TV, use the remote control, 26.07.2013, 7tMihOsLZXCImGhrYi6Y71dNcIW2I9ZF

7. So the phone is not drained at the right time — the charges in advance, 26.07.2013, 05qMweXg81iO6cJO2Eej59YjBoim6X8T

8. To save money when buying goods, buy cheaper products or look for where you need to sell goods cheaper, 26.07.2013, t8U8gSTqSknANWH5u4Huj7ThbkPGZyHT

9. If you want to lose weight, do sport and eat less, 26.07.2013, ecsqumhxtttOY9sAGtbX3TQMDLhjkSso

10. To live to old age, try as much as possible not to die, 26.07.2013, ORppHwbcaUiz29BC9kbvJEuDqOcLvE31

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