Life hacks these assholes

Some of the following life hacks may seem unethical from the point of view of Christian morality, but we do not care. As if someone around is behaving accordingly. You know such a lot? We do not know. So use them, especially since there is nothing criminal, except a little immoral.

Scare and POI

If you want to get any girls any mention of your person associated with some emotional excitement, it is not necessary to remove his pants, enough to get her first movie on a horror movie and then for a refreshing Cup of russiano.

The fact that the increased heart rate and active blood flow will force her to think about the fact that you bring such cheerful emotions. When she says, «You make my heart beat faster,» answer her, «No, woman, it’s just coffee and «Paranormal activity»».

True lies

If I lie, it is only because of pesky details. «Traffic» and «it happened» do not roll, especially if you’re running late regularly. Add something vital, even disgusting. Even the fact that you tried to clean out my pants, because yesterday at the public transport set down on the chocolate seems more plausible.

One nod solves all

Want you answered «Yes»? There is one way, which is much simpler kinds of psychological trainings, where you sell all sorts of noodles about a «strong personality». Just nod your head when asking a question. It works very effectively on the other, and they have virtually no choice but to say Yes, because you actually gave him a model of behavior.

The secret of cushion fights

Kitchen cushion disputes of political scientists — that without which no cost, the life of the average citizen of Hyperborea. If you want to win in the political dispute, pissing off his interlocutors, whose political views are very different from yours, just stay calm.

To Express his position gently, softly, quietly, not engaging with them in open verbal conflict. While inside their burning rage and impotence, and the position they Express through confused cry, just smile and Pat them on the shoulder. So you would say: «what are you nervous, dog shit, calm down, don’t be nervous».

Call it whatever you want

People subconsciously become what we call them. Of course, if we are talking about long term. So effectively this method works with family and loved ones. For example, if you want to add more fire to bed, call your girlfriend appropriate words erotic plan. Most importantly, do not overdo it, for some words it is possible to obtain in the face.

«Rock, paper, scissors» and Vice versa

There are many suitable hacks that allow you to bypass the opponent in the game of all times and Nations — «Rock, scissors, paper». One of them is to take the initiative in their hands and say the sacred words («rock, scissors, paper») himself. That’s only if you constantly change the sequence (e.g. paper, scissors, stone»), the enemy will think that you show the last spoken word.

Another hack is associated with the paper. If you showed it the first time, then with a probability of 70% you will show her the second time. In any case, I think your opponent shows scissors. What beats scissors? Of course, stone.

The law of life

Perhaps Socrates (maybe not Socrates) might have said (but probably not) that the girl who is crying on your shoulder after an hour, maybe accidental, magically appear on your dick. How does that happen? Scientists around the world can’t understand. Saying that the Nobel laureate Zhores Alferov has personally devoted to this issue for many years. Nevertheless, it is natural, so don’t be afraid to stain your white t-shirt maiden ink — Cup your shoulders, be nice and you will be rewarded for snot.

The taming of the chatty

One of the main challenges of any office, no doubt, is too talkative colleague. How to curb the chatterbox? Very simple: when it will come to your workplace, you with a smile and an expression of infinite pleasure from the conversation with such a smart man, get up from your seat and without stopping the conversation, answering and talking, start moving to its workplace. He will sit, then you can safely say goodbye to him and continue working. And the guy will sit and wonder, as he was at his Desk and no distractions. Magic.

Like Pavlov’s dog

From the point of view of sensitivity and conditioned reflexes, man is only one step above dogs. So if you want to convince or rather, to persuade, try to work on my smell. The man who smells good perfume, it is much harder to refuse. If you want to convince your loved ones may be influenced by music or any other entourage that they like. Checked, will allow you to do those things before you even talk did not dare.

For those who are afraid

You can call this Board a hack for the miserable, cowardly, pathetic people, but the fact is that not everyone is as lucky to be born healthy bulls rising three feet. Some people just don’t know how to fight. But if to avoid the conflict failed, and you, so as not to seem a coward, for some reason, began to attack the opponent, add your voice of aggression, and the face of fury, roll up your sleeves, and tell them on the count of three, if he doesn’t kill your ass, you’ll break his nose.

Start to bend the fingers for greater clarity. The enemy will wait for digit «three» to break and to beat you as it should, but will not wait. Because the two of you will need to dramatically break away and escape. The enemy for a few seconds to be surprised, then will be the same to argue over what to do next to follow you or stay.

Ask for more than you need

If you want with an absolute guarantee to what you ask — always ask for more. For example, if you have 1000 rubles, always ask for more. First, a large amount may simply not be, and a thousand rubles. Second, the person would just be awkward to refuse a second time — after all, all of us would like to seem magnanimous and generous. Well, if you still give more — no problems. Just try not to spend the money ahead of time.

Debts cause the earth to spin

Don’t underestimate the law of reciprocation. In human language it sounds so: do not underestimate such a thing as duty. Personal debt cause the earth to spin, so try to be as generous as possible with those people that you would ever need. Volunteer to help them on their own because when you need help you, a sense of conscience and the desire to repay a debt (for a normal person the debtor does not want to be) will not leave him a choice. He just can’t refuse.

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