Life hacks for sex

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Sex is cool, no doubt. But sometimes it becomes routine — and this, too, nobody argues. At least a little. It’s like eating steak every day: it’s good, but then loses its appeal and you need a new sauce, mushrooms or onions. Sex, too, can diversify, make more fun and interesting — and a little effort. Here’s a few hacks for this case.

1. Give her a massage, you undress her, you just sit there dressed

massage Full body massage is very sensual and beautiful. This is such a simple way to excite a woman, also very nice. Do, massage her, gradually Stripping her from head to toe — she won’t mind. But you need to stay clothed. This ensures that all attention will be focused on her body, and it will lead her. Here’s a good old massage in a new way!

2. Role-playing

role-playingIt’s a cliché, but did you ever in your life tried? If you easily get used to the role, just give yourself to improvisation, and wonder how this will change your sex life. To get into someone else’s skin is a way to try on a new model of behavior, which you don’t usually observe, it will raise the level of sexual tension so much that he will start going wild. For extreme another tip is to put your camera and capture your joy. Personally I would be afraid: speak, sometimes to look at sex from the means to kill all the train. But someone likes to watch homemade porn of their own production, and also to have sex.

3. To diversify foreplay

preludeBefore moving on to the main dish, it’s nice to skip the aperitif. Nobody says that foreplay is superfluous, but after a while it becomes routine. For example, you can first smear her body with cream. Or comb her hair when you are completely naked. Give her a foot massage or pedicure, during this kiss her feet. Try: anything will work. Rare friend refuses to take a bath with floating candles.

4. Play with it in the game

GrasNow that’s something unpredictable. Add in sex a modicum of competition. For example, play a Board game, cards, video games, to start think what will be the responsibilities of the loser before the winner what the winner from the losers.

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