Life decisions, which can be deadly for you


Dude, you realize that freedom of choice plays a cruel joke with us, which is reflected in the fact that some of the decisions that we can take with a clear conscience and sober can be extremely harmful. Regarding deadly I turned down, don’t take the words literally. But for your relationship, CDA and ambitions of these decisions can be deadly.

1. Wait, wait and wait

I am a veteran articles «8 things…», to be honest: I’m tired of repeating that long-term expectations, as a rule, if you are not a sniper, nor a good thing. It is an axiom. If something comes, it just why you’re here did some things in advance, simply put, invested in the future. Then of course, we blame their past for what we have.

2. To change, because people change

Get used to the fact that people are ever changing. Even if at heart they may stay the same, they will change behavior, internally and at all. People have changed, and so that you have nothing to talk to them? Be happy for them, they go out, and you beside them was not, so I have somewhere to go. Don’t worry.

3. Let internal issues affect themselves

No need to let your inner wounds affect you. If your girlfriend left you, and you then turned into a sad shit or a complete asshole, it would hint that you difficult to call a strong personality. A strong person is not he who does not weep, and those who do not change under the blows of fate, but only under the rays of the sun.

4. To run away from problems

To run away from your problems is a race you cannot win. The faster you run, the faster your problems catch up to you. The best way to get rid of your problems: to meet them, to understand and to go calmly on. Besides, do not be afraid of who you were. Some believers like the idea that their ancestors could be amoebas. I have this idea, very happy, because my ancestors are amoebas, who were able to overcome himself and become human. Well, or owls, or dolphins. Chic self-development, isn’t it?

5. Ingratitude

Even in the most favorable situations is a time and a place for human ingratitude. Even in the cesspool of the world is the possibility for the existence of grateful and helpful people. Gratitude helps to keep heart calm. If you look at the world with gratitude (or rather, with the ability to experience it), everything will be much easier. Sounds, of course, a little feminine, but in fact this is advice for everyone.

6. Letting rage and anger for too long to occupy your heart

The best medicine against it — the laughter, the pleasant feelings and the ability to let go of the heart. In General, the ability to lighten up is a great way to make life easier and to avoid complex problems in the shower. People will not allow to be in your food even a fraction of the venom (if he knows about it), so why do you allow the chest to be the poison of hatred, anger and wrath?

7. To believe that beauty looks a certain way

Most bro currently believes that beauty looks a certain way. Slim waist, long legs, long hair — something like that. Of course, not 100-pound carcass meat and fat beautiful, obviously. But what about such concepts as short hair, tan or lack of it, small Breasts, large Breasts, the presence or absence of a small tummy? It’s all a matter of taste, no need to think that beauty is the way you think. Do you know why need to think? To avoid problems in understanding people.

8. Not to respect others

Of course, respect has meaning. But you can always treat strangers and unfamiliar to at least neutral. And give them a second chance. I remember when I first saw my good friend Ivan, he seemed pompous arrogant snob with a mixture of absolute apathy as the Dude from «the Big Lebowski», but then he was a very nice man. It’s a shame that I did not want to give him a second chance.

9. Not to respect themselves

Follows logically from the previous paragraph. The person who is not kind to yourself, can never be kind to people as he wants. Of all the problems in our world: we are not able to understand themselves and come to terms with yourself. But this does not mean that you have to be perfect and selfish, it is somewhat different, more subtle matter.

10. Put up with give you your loved ones and friends

People who want to stay in your life will always find a way to do it. True friends and loved ones do not want to give you if they have someone else, they will not torment you cheating, I’ll just say «so and So, dude, I’m sorry, I’m leaving!» You don’t have to fight for a place in someone’s life, it is done a bit wrong, man! When you have to put up to those people who once left you, hoping to once again become friends, you literally force them to make room for you in their heart, although this place is already busy with something. You want a small dark corner that was left for outsiders life?

11. The rush of love

It is easy to find someone who tells you he loves you. Much harder to find someone who really does it. But it is possible, so don’t take the word love without confirmation — will be lost. Find a man who is not afraid to admit that he misses you that will accept you with all your faults and who will not climb up in an attempt to change you.

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