Life changes right now. Although better for the New year

manygoodtips.com_24.12.2013_LUtOarRhQ3UjsEverybody’s talking about it, especially at the end of December, but no one does. 90% of what we know about the world, based on conversations, not on the cases. This rule very few exceptions, and one of them could be you. The ability to live is not an innate skill. The ability to change — is also a skill he can learn if your body will reach for the eggs.

Why would you not want to get is much easier than it seems, especially if you don’t mind to adapt to new conditions and to do all that is necessary. Anyway, recently (shame, I have for many years, I realized that everyone can what he wants, if he wants to badly enough. Desire will help you up at six in the morning and go for a jog, learn a foreign language and even earn money for an apartment. One condition: it needs to be strong enough. When there is a desire, it is necessary to make the elephant a bunch of different stuff.

Bad example sent to the trash

The brain works according to certain schemes, brought to automatism. At one time it helped people to survive and to give birth to as many children as possible to save the species. Why now this has become a problem? Now, survival for us is no longer a priority. Now we all want to write books, to flaunt great abs, not working out in the gym, and all the other blah-blah. We want to speak ten languages, we want a beautiful girlfriend and, of course, to be happy.

Only here, our brain is not created for this. He still operates in the mode of «survival». When you reach puberty and realize with relief: «Phew, I’m a man», the brain starts to smoothly send you a signal about reproduction. «To multiply, man! More reproduce! As much as possible of the gene pool!»

In other words, your mind tries to do one thing, and another part of the brain is busy with something completely different. These thought patterns are difficult to change, because the nature all those years ago told us to survive and adapted for this process.

Since then the world has changed. To change to match him, need to calm down and deal with the surrounding chaos. Who put up with change for the sake of, more adaptable, easier to change and easier to adjust.

It is necessary to change the scheme of their thinking and develop new habits. You have to do it constantly: the way of the world. They say people fear change, but this is not the main cause of failures. At least not on a conscious level. The main problem is that we fuck some forget to do what we want. «Damn, today I wanted to push press. I forgot. Well anything, tomorrow will pump». Tomorrow we forget again, and so day after day — right before the New year. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t know.

Fear is certainly a problem, but it is much less than the problem of the lack of correct habits. Start to produce them. At least make to-do lists.

Find your peak energy

I have it early in the morning. I Wake up in the morning and go for a jog, show up to work early and very productive cope with a stream of texts that need to be corrected or to write. Most of all, I have time in the morning and try to plan your day so that in the morning I had my basic load.

First, do the hardest

Life shows that a simple will done by itself. You look at your list and think: «well, where is the biggest piece of shit?» If you deal with a difficult situation in the first place, the day will be easier and you’ll have more free time. First, it will be difficult, then easier, until there is one fun. Let’s call it antiprocrastination.

Plan no more than five cases

No more: still can’t. Do between breaks of 15-30 minutes and will succeed.

Don’t need perfection. You just have to do

Ugly is the first step towards a beautiful. If you’re going to sit and wait for something unknown, freeze: on yard, tea, not may. Therefore it is not necessary to wait for anything. It’s just like in the gym: your goal is to make the best of what you can do and not raise 250 pounds. Even if something happened, all right: I’ll try again in the next lesson. Take your time. Just start.

Do it, even when they were bad

Perfectionism is a dream killer. Just think «I do bad» so not to give myself a chance to do it well.

Give yourself a few chances

Put a reminder on your phone that will ask you: «You posilive ass? There is a free minute? And if you find?»

Understand that there will be no bad consequences

If you fail or do otherwise, society will not really care (if you’re not going to explode on the red square). Our deeds will come back to bite us because it’s our business, no one hit us on the head and not kill.

Prove for yourself the worst case scenario

Then you will understand that it’s not as bad as it might seem at first glance. Someone proudly raise eyebrows? Shook his head? Turn away? Laugh? Perhaps, that’s all. It’s not so bad.

Understand that the pain passes quickly

The pain disappears quickly, but if it continues long, it becomes routine that you stop noticing. In most cases the pain is temporary and accompanied by any evolution.

Don’t wait for bad

When you start something new, the inevitable feeling of discomfort. When I started running, I began to hurt the muscle, but it’s bearable. Once I rubbed the leg, but survived. If I was always thinking about the calluses and the muscles goals, it would kill all my enthusiasm. It is not necessary vangovat that will be difficult. It is understandable that there will be. When it comes to the difficulty, just make the necessary arrangements. To solve problems as they arrive.

Constantly raise the bar

If you don’t, get stuck in a swamp. Before you should always be some goal toward which you move. So you’re going to become tougher and better — very useful.

Communicate with people who are better than you

Something that matters to you: in work, in sports, cooler playing the guitar or paint better — it depends on what you’re interested. They will motivate you, they will help you to solve your problem, because probably already encountered them. They are, after all, will give you an example.

If you rotate only among their own kind, they lose perspective and start to think that there are no other people. They are, dude, and you have someone to learn from.

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