Life as a chill-out: all condemn, but nobody cares

No one’s judging you: all too busy thinking about what you condemn.

So my mom told me when I was little. She told me: «don’t worry about what other people think: they don’t think about you at all.» I was not very pleased how this is so, about me don’t you think? And I still hoo, they’ll see! And then I grew older and realized that mom was right.

All teenagers are by nature rebellious, but I was thinking they rebel as made to rebel. In other words, rebellion is acceptable in the society that flows in a certain direction. Want to stand out, but not to cross the boundaries: too much of a risk. To deviate from the norm only slightly: too far to walk from the norm — no longer an option. Can, say, have a Mohawk is a familiar form of protest. However, to go beat the Windows 16-year-old rebels is not resolved. Very much radical.

What happens when you cross boundaries? How it will react?


Recently my friend and I were drinking in a bar with one eccentric dude: he’s so strange joke and did all sorts of meaningless things to make us laugh! Otherwise he was quite a regular guy. Eccentric is the easiest category to which in some sense gets everyone, if something differs from the majority. Strange to be fashionable. Eccentric is just on the edge, it’s not the abyss itself.


A rebel differs from an eccentric guy only slightly, but still obvious. When you stop just to say something weird and start acting weird, you’re turning into a rebel. Just do something your way: if you’re a freelancer — you’re a rebel because you’re not like everyone else. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re a rebel, because I don’t eat like everyone else. If you’re not wearing pants and shoes, you’re too rebellious, because don’t look like everyone else. In short, the rebel is much easier, it does not even need to have a gun.


It is even pleasant. Most people have a very lazy Asses and trying to convince themselves that they are comfortable in the place where they are at the moment. When you’re a little more ambitious, you automatically start to stand out from the crowd. How to get in this position? To stretch your ass a little harder than everyone around, have more ambitious plans than the average accepted in society, and to choose a career, guided by something other than fear of the unknown and the desire to fit in.

The seer

If you’re ambitious, you think more about the strategy of their actions, think several moves ahead and thus something to assume. So, you will be able to understand in advance what to bet. You can start many businesses, and many of your endeavors will fail — they will laugh at you or even stop to pay attention to your attempts. When one of your endeavors is still shot and will bring you success, you are immediately called a visionary.

I guess you’ve noticed that these ways to stand out there is nothing wrong. Your hide will just stick a different label, but it does do you good. However, there are bad ways.


Social Protocol is strongly associated with norms of behavior: what to say, how to look, how to act. If you’re doing something differently than prescribed, the interaction will be thoroughly spoiled. Typically, we are interested in the reaction of other people on our behavior, and they think about our feelings before you say them out loud. Asshole spits on what others think about his words, moreover, he always can’t wait voiced what everyone is thinking, but silent, because it is not accepted in polite society.


If you never leave the house, and when did you go out and do it purely alone, refusing all invitations, be such a nerd — or just a loser (if other than the lone grunt at all and all you do nothing). Singles prefer their own company to everyone else.


An extreme degree of alienation of society from the person. Than elitist club, the greater number of requirements you must meet in order to enter into it. Has ever sucked more ass than a club, the worse you should be. Maniac-strange guys — is rejected. Beachy is also rejected. The closer you are to the class of the dispossessed, the worse. This was me in elementary school — until I realized that the world is much more than a crappy school. Then I stopped caring and everything got better.

In short, it’s all just labels that you hang when you behave differently. Do you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions? If not, you can start to worry, because in this case, you sad boring shit.

What happens when someone judges you based on the various positive and negative characteristics? Asshole + funny + ambitious — this is acceptable, much better than just a douche with no accompanying benefits. Visionary and solitary also did not go far. Interesting, isn’t it?

When you communicate with the person you never see, you can’t care about all these schemes and act as you please. If you still have to meet the person again, can be replaced by something hard with something softer — at least for a time, until you get used to it. Then you can gradually reveal his govnico essence.

As a logical conclusion of all these no instructions about life? Do what you want, nobody cares, until they are hurt by your behavior. In most cases they won’t even remember. Become the man you want — any of these labels are rather good, not bad. If you stick a bad label, don’t forget something to dilute his behavior and will return to the Legion of good guys.

In other words, don’t sweat it.

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