Life and incredible formation Sergey Brin

Choosing from the two Google founders, we selected the most significant and more native. Well, why do we Larry page, if there is our former guy named Sergei with a typically Slavic name Bryn. Anyway, his face is nicer than a colleague.

Moreover, we do not let go the hope that by digging in their offspring, searching for an article about myself, he from the heap of mediocre biographies stumble upon our humble work. And at this very moment, people of the twenty «Forbes» will think and say: «Good devils. Spend the money on charity, and on them,» and we delight let’s start to write even better. Of course, a utopian idea, but what the hell. Managed it simple and is incredibly humble native of Russia to make multigene to be admired and is the envy of. A simple «pots» from a good Jewish family where the father was a mathematician and her mother an engineer. Serezha’s parents left uncle Leonid Brezhnev in the USSR in 1979 when he was only 6 years old. However, this does not prevent him to say that in the USSR, he was constantly faced with the machinations of anti-Semitism. Apparently, a strict socialist childhood was so severe that other memories left. He has not yet collected scrap metal.

Hello, America!

I know the difficulties through which it had to go to my parents (when we lived in the Soviet Union), and I am deeply grateful that they took me to the States.Parents are not lost to death, and could not. Soviet mathematicians and engineers were appreciated not less, than now barrels of oil. The father successfully became a teacher at the University of Maryland, and his mother – a scientist at NASA. So good for immigrants. Liked least moving grandmother. The person who has experienced all the delights of life in Russia in the first half of the twentieth century, troubled the need to pass on the right to carry the beloved grandson to school.

Of course, it would be strange if in the family such professionals was born the typical Humanities. Ability and a love of computing in the future, the progenitor of the fact that you found our website, manifested itself very early. And first contact with the computer he had at the age of 9 when his father brought home is now only the affection of the Commodore 64. Grandma, sensing something was wrong, lamented: «In the mind of Sergei some computers. What will happen to him?»

Violent students

Then there was the training under the supervision of his father at the University of Maryland, then Stanford’s prestigious Academy – the turning place in life Brin. Here in the «Mecca of computer education», Sergei not only spent energy on the joys of youth, but met my friend and partner with an unpleasant British smile Larry page. Bryn was more concerned with self-development and entertainment than study. He signed up for dancing, yachting, swimming, gymnastics, but not for additional courses in programming. Sergey generally by nature was a rebel. He became famous for his habit to intrude for the sake of interesting conversations in the teacher’s office. «A daring young man. But so clever that he gets away with it», I kept telling one of them.

Despite his Hobbies, he didn’t toadstool, in parallel, deeper and deeper plunging into the unknown and mysterious until now, the world of Internet technology. Or to be more precise, the question information search in the Internet, because in those primeval times, when people liked the Spice girls, the process of finding information took an incredibly long time. The unfortunate applicant had to go through mountains of links, arranged in a chaotic manner. Search on the Internet was easier to find the necessary information in a public library. Young and progressive minds like Brin, this situation strongly disliked, so brilliant brains began to work with double speed and to develop ideas to address unpleasant issues. The first program Brin have created for themselves, so she combed the site of «Playboy» and automatically download new photos of beauties in a computer a clever boy.

When we looked in the Internet, we read there horoscopes and did not go to the Dating sites. We were interested in the search – the information that really affects people’s lives.

Interest whole life

In fact, interest in the information search finally brought Paige and Brin. He and the other sought for the answer to this question, I knew he’d make a fortune, in order to cherished the girls from PLay Boy to look for easier.

First, they each other on spirit is not transferred, are constantly arguing. Disputes about everything and nothing replaced a good old fist fight. But the desire quickly disappeared when it came to finding a porn site… information.

In January 1996, in preparation for the writing of doctoral theses, Brin and page began working together on a research project designed to fundamentally improve methods of finding information on the Internet. Realizing that the most popular data are often most useful for young scientists put forward the hypothesis that a search engine analyzes the relationships between Web sites and rank the results according to popularity of certain pages, should be more effective than the current system. In the search devices that were used at that time, the results usually depended on how many times the search term was found in the page.

Convinced that the most important to look for data are Web pages, which often give links to other pages that themselves have a high level of relevance Brin and page decided to prove the correctness of this idea within the framework of their University studies. The new system was originally called «BackRub» because it checked the number and relevancy of backlinks to estimate the importance of informational website. Later it was called «PageRank».

Search was so easy that soon it began to contact people far beyond the University campus. By the summer of 1998 BackRub daily treated about 10 thousand visitors. That’s when the Alma Mater was worried, because the service had devoured more than half of the allotted University traffic. But not embarrassed by it, but the fact that the search engine has opened a direct and painless access to University documents. Professors don’t want their black case was available to everyone, and therefore not found anything better than to blame the guys in hooliganism. Then Sergey and Larry put the ultimatum: or kill their offspring, or to roll up the road to hell. Like all normal people, the guys began searching for investors.

Smart guys do business

Found an investor not quick. First the guys wanted to sell the idea, but to no avail. Then they had to look for an investor. The first of the responders was Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the founders of Sun Microsystems. It took him a few minutes to write out two stunned from delight the students with a check for $ 100. However, the check was written to Google Inc., and not for Googol – a unit with a hundred zeros as they like to call their offspring, referring to an infinitely large database to search. But for such money it was possible to agree on Google.

Since then, no desire to return to science or the boys arose. Brin took a leave of absence (by the way, he’s still there), and 7 September 1998 Google Inc. was registered with a capital of $1 million.

The first office was a rented garage in Menlo Park, California, and the number of employees initially were 4 people. While the Google search engine answered 10,000 queries per day and although it was listed in «the second echelon», has been included in PC magazine top 100 Internet sites and search engines 1998. The following year the company moved to a new office in Palo Alto.

Incidentally, note: the garage is an integral sign of the success of the beginner of high-tech companies, as to Brin the foundations of his company in a rented garage was also founded by bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, and the first Apple Steve jobs was also assembled in the garage. And Metallica even his Studio was built on the site of the garage of James Hetfield, in which they held their first rehearsal.

The number of satisfied customers has grown by leaps and bounds, the word «Google» was passed from mouth to mouth. At the same time, Brin and page in any case did not want to lose control and allow Google retreated from its main principle is to improve the world through open access to information. And here they have again proved that they are able to find original solutions, not only in new technologies but also in business organization. In 1999 they managed to convince two competing venture capital firms – Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers – to Finance Google at the same time for a total of $25 million It allowed the creators to prevent the possibility of serious influence by each of the investors, despite the fact that representatives from both companies joined the Board of Directors.

The ability of partners to think unconventional was evident during the boom in industry. When the company’s competitors spend millions on advertising and marketing campaigns in order to create brands, Google quietly and intently worked on improving its search engine and better satisfaction. Brin believed that the marketing plan, Google may rely on user, in other words, the method of «word of mouth». And while the online sector are collapsing, taking hundreds of young Internet firms, Google has started to make a profit. A significant role in this success played by the emergence of unobtrusive advertising texts located at the periphery of search results.

On the crest of success

The first success came in 2000, when the ceremony Webby Award (the»Oscar» for the industry), they received the main award. On acceptance speech, the guys said just five words:

We love you, Google users!Since the beginning of 2000-ies the company started to launch special services, in particular news services, search scanned books, display maps, postal service and others. Already in 2003 it was noted that Google Inc. became a leader in the search and received an unexpected for such a young company profits, and its expansion required the relocation of the office in a group of buildings in the California city of mountain St.

The best evidence of the triumph of Google Inc. is that in 2007 in the list of «Top 100 best global brands,» the Financial Times, she took 1st place (total cost of 66.43 billion), beating, by the way, according to this indicator, the competitors of Microsoft, but also giants such as General Electric, Coca-Cola and Marlboro.

The great success of the company is not spoiled «technical intellectuals» Larry and Sergey, despite the fact that their personal fortunes today amount to over $ 18 billion each.

Someone successfully joked, saying that if using Google to search for the phrase «more evil than Satan» («more evil than Satan»), in response to the request in the first place would be the Microsoft website, and the third Disney. Brin explained that the result of this is quite natural: Internet users often mentioned the word «evil» next to «Microsoft», and Google only correctly assess the popularity. However, again, wrote almost all national Newspapers. And search for the phrase «more evil than Satan» for a few weeks was to Google the most popular-more popular than «sex».

While not at work

Brin, as any decent billionaire, lives in an apartment, drives a «Toyota Prius» environmentally friendly engine, doing gymnastics, rollerblading, and enjoys roller hockey. The boots from crocodile skin and silk costumes with ornaments of pure gold, he was not seen. And despite his dislike of Russia, likes to go to the «Russian tea Katie» in San Francisco and to recommend to their guests soup, dumplings and pancakes.

It’s incredibly simple and pleasant. Even you have a chance to be with Sergei close friends. Here is what one typical American.

I studied courses of circus acrobatics, and one of the first days of training are locked in a heated dispute with some young boy. We argued about the advantages of Android vs. iPhone. Only later, much later I was surprised to learn that it was Sergey Brin. And we with him, made friends during a dispute, after class, jumped over fences and climbed under the trains on train tracks because it was shorter. Would never have thought that it can behave one of the richest men in America.About my personal life our tandem until recently was known not so much. In General, the manners in scientific circles reign is much more restrained than in secular society. And no time serious people themselves, had an affair, you have work to do. However, in 2007, all stakeholders shaken by the unexpected news. And then a second, equally sensational. Each of the two found himself a companion, but he earlier married Anne Valitsky. Ironically, Anna’s sister at the time, passed the same garage in which was born the now powerful Google.

Brin is the author of dozens of articles in leading American academic magazines, and regularly performs at various national and international academic, business and technology forums. He often speaks to the press, on television, talking about their views on search technology and it industry in General.

At the moment Sergey is a worthy citizen of America and Russia, which frightened his parents, he never forgave. During his life, he was at home only 3 times and no nostalgia to it without penetrating. Once, after visiting the Soviet Union on an exchange, in the early ‘ 90s, he said to his father: «Thanks for took me here.»

«I always felt some minority – admitted to one Sergey. – I think this is partly due to the fact that I’m Jewish. However, this feeling gave me the realization that don’t need to be part of the crowd, you need to constantly maintain their independence, to seek rebellion.»

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