Life according to the canons of minimalism


Minimalism is not just a trend in art or the organization of space; it is also a way of thinking, in other words, a certain attitude to life philosophy. Thinking according to the canons of minimalism means getting rid of some of the obstacles that arise on life’s journey each of us. Of course, within a single text is difficult to cover fully the entire approach, but it is possible to disassemble the main points that you can cling to, like a lifeline in a storm.

1 Thanks first of all to discard useless or even reasonable expectations that can touch things, career and relationships. Be thankful that you already have, because people who always expect gifts of fate, as a rule, deeply unhappy. Why? Because they don’t see in front of you what you already should be grateful. And the good each in bulk — you just look better.

2 don’t be a whiner experiment and write down all that you love during the day: while driving, at work, in the school building or in bed with a friend. Maybe your boss gave you extra work, and the girl sat on ears for what you don’t put the seat down toilet. How many times have you complained? I think more than five, maybe ten. In any case your whining does not solve the problem. So it is better to solve problems or to blame them?

3 Stop thinking about the future Well be good for you to visualize and plan their future, but don’t forget that you can’t control everything. For example, you could never be sure about other people, who, no doubt, have their own thoughts and motives, are incompatible with your ideas. So, live primarily in this, and future do less.

4 Exercises


It is proven that exercise helps relieve stress, support your health and enhance confidence in their actions and abilities. Exercise is simple and straightforward actions that make a real contribution to the formation of the personality (unless, of course, to combine their intellectual pursuits). If you want to know more about them you can read our fitness section.

5 I Never regret about your actions when you think you’ve done something wrong, then hammer on these opinions, it is always better to find a way to correct his mistake and prevent its recurrence, than to forever remember their sins. In General, learn to talk about what’s on your mind without fear. Now not 30 years, for the words will not sit down (we hope), so why to educate yourself wretched creature? Pity you’re still no one cause, so it is better to go through life confidently. There was a problem? Solve it.

6 Stop criticizing

manygoodtips.com_27.07.2016_kBus15iBkhZnQWhy waste time criticizing others? We even film critics believe parasites and what to say about cushion troops and veterans of war reviews Vkontakte? Just remember that criticism does not give any advantage, it even fun not really to receive — the only negative experience.

7 Small pleasures of life a good Cup of coffee, a tasty cooked Breakfast, a book about the psycho-maniac, which catches the entire police force of London and a new episode of your favorite series are all great things, without which it is possible to exist, but wouldn’t that be the life? It is necessary to be able to please, even when the window is infinite crisis. And well, if you spoil yourself consciously.

8 Internet eater


If earlier people were forced to fight with hunger, cold and war and why they were failing to develop and follow their dreams, today modern man prevents idleness, which goes hand in hand with the disgusting side of the Internet: «funny» video, the endless chatter on social networks and forcing pages of girls who will never be with you. The fact that all this takes time which you could spend on a case that could dramatically change your life.

Minimalism in life is the destruction of surplus that pull you into the swamp. Get rid of things that harm you, and you will be able to receive a really full life, which will not be ashamed to remember on his deathbed.

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