Lies the world of fitness, in which all believe

In the fitness industry, even in Russia the big money. In recent years, gyms have become dramatically to the Fig people. Fashion, needless to say. Unfortunately, all suffer from one terrible flaw: they don’t know how to swing properly. Not to say that it is very difficult to keep yourself in shape. It’s not easy, it’s the usual kind of work, which is easy to understand if like the theme. But there are many things in which I believe both beginners and those, considers himself a Pro. A bad coach has convinced us of this blatant lie, but I often find myself in this convinces people that «something they heard». Today I have collected a few bugs that accepts on faith a lot of people. Those in the topic who are involved in sports for a long time, and not «fitness», as many say now, that you know others please shit in the comments to protect cardio and other Goodies.

1. The value of cardio for fat loss is exaggerated

I often hear complaints from many people, especially from the ladies: «Started to run in the morning on an empty stomach, nothing happens. Lose some pounds, scored. Perhaps this is big-boned and blah blah blah…»

Girls and some dudes who don’t want to burden themselves with going to the gym or to the section start actively doing cardio. Do Jogging in the morning, stomp on the stepper, buy a large. Here only one «but» dude, cardio burn few calories. So, they have been glorified as the ideal way to burn fat, but it is not so. Here’s the most detailed article about the very effective ways of burning fat, among which little cardio.

An hour of easy running on the treadmill at a speed of 4-5 on a treadmill make you lose 300 calories, or a little faster at the speed of 6-7, which will add another hundred calories. And it is less than standard Powerbars. You can come to the gym or run every day in the morning, convincing yourself that you are losing weight. Came to the hall? Welcome to the world of workouts! Only a comprehensive workout with weights and cardio, which will help to improve your body. Otherwise, you run, eat a Snickers, and all… Your work is nearly useless, except, perhaps, the development of endurance.

Jogging in the morning in a pleasant mode — something extremely useful. You breathe in the fresh air, the blood runs, the joints work. Especially in the Park: there’s still waking up and admire the trees. In General, an excellent prevention of diseases, the means of awakening and a psychotherapeutic agent. But NOT the basic method of training.

2. Isolated exercises and then the complex

Many dudes claim that the technique fatigue muscle isolated exercises, followed by the sudden impact of heavy and complicated exercises, surprises the muscles, forcing them madly and hell to grow. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Imagine training shoulders. First, we are raping your deltoid muscle lateral lifting dumbbells. It’s very exhausting muscle. Some time they will feel extremely full. And then without any special training we switch to a dumbbell bench press from the shoulders. This exercise involves several muscle groups and the complexity is equal to 2/3, the bench press. But our muscles are tired, therefore it is very difficult to perform the exercise effectively. The trajectory of the dumbbells is suffering, the number of repetitions decreases. Are you doing less work, but working yourself too hard. First, there is an increase, but it quickly disappears. Instead there is a huge chance of fatigue, which is extremely harmful for health.

3. Toning of the muscles, the relief and clear separation

Some scary guys want relief. They think that all they have is OK but you just need to bring your muscle tone. As a result, they about two, and sometimes three hours do what do the simple exercise with a small weight for many repetitions. They like it because it’s easy. Toning exercises — the heart and soul of a bad coach who wants you to tame his permanent services.

There is no such thing as toning muscles to create relief and clear separation. To achieve the effect of toning the muscles by using two mechanisms:

1) increase the size of muscles through progressive overload and strength training.

2) fat Loss through diet and exercise.

A good separation of the muscle — the result of quality pumping and a small amount of subcutaneous fat. And it is absolutely logical.

Toning exercises and Novopavlovka ineffective for building muscle and burning calories. If you want visible, clearly separated muscles, hit the weights and improve your diet.

4. You can grow without pain

So, the pain during workouts is a good sign. But it’s not a sign that you’re growing, it’s a sign that you’re pumping those muscles which are not active and not used to such training. Often, dudes all sorts of phrases in the spirit of «No pain, no progress» forced to go to extremes. Muscle pain is also called delayed onset muscle soreness . As stated in Wikipedia: «delayed onset muscle Soreness (soreness) — muscle pain caused by muscle injuries obtained during exercise. Usually the reason for its appearance is unusually large for the body muscle activity.» This reaction, which makes us less straining of a particular muscle, to be able to recover. If sore muscles after a new workout, it’s time to move on to other muscle groups, so they quietly grew up and stopped hurting.

Quality training with the opportunity to recover will give you more chances to increase your muscle mass, training the same muscle groups without recovery the next day can cause fatigue, which you definitely don’t want.

5. Bodyweight exercises do not build muscle mass

They are helpful, understand this, very! They help us better work with your own body and exercise. Yes, it takes muscles… from time to time. Building muscle requires progressive overload. Compound exercises force the muscles to adapt and create new muscle fibers in response to stimulation of their exercise.

Exercises with your weight at first, seem very complicated, but the body quickly gets used to such loads, and still there is no progress. You increase the number of repetitions, in the hope that the body will perceive this as a new load. But the muscles switch from anaerobic mode in aerobic and dude has been working on force and mass, and endurance.

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