Lie to the marketer, or how to spend on food is less

how to spend on food is less

At the grocery store we leave most of his salary. This fact is sad but to eat anyway, though more or less varied and balanced to be healthy. My weekly checks from the big box stores made me think how you can save by buying products. Then you will have more money on clothes, booze, entertainment and video games in General, all costs more money.

1. Make a list

The last time you went to the store with a list… probably never. Why you should try? Studies show that people ingredients for yourself lists, make less impulsive purchases for one trip to the store, spend ten percent less dough. There are even special offers on the mobile phone, and even a simple Notepad and that will serve you service.

2. Don’t fall for promotions

Buy two things with a big discount is always beneficial, isn’t it? Do not have. Often, when you see the discount on the greater quantity of goods, he most likely sold at cost (or even you don’t need in such quantity), so you don’t save.

3. Buy products of unknown brands

The price difference is gigantic: branded products are much more expensive, about 30 percent than the products of unknown brands. Don’t be a snob and buy only Perrier, ordinary mineral water local flood will go, too.

4. Buy your meat in a special shop

In specialty shops the choice is much wider, and the prices are lower. Besides, it’s much better than in hypermarkets, where the products lies who knows how long.

5. Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables ripen at different times. For example, apples, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower ripens in the fall. But corn is closer to June. So if you really want to buy seasonal food, be prepared to spend more money because these vegetables longer stored or brought from distant regions.

how to spend less on food

6. Be very careful to METRO

Sometimes to buy are actually cheaper, but only those products that you need in this volume. Otherwise you don’t save. Buy a bunch of fruit, mountains of bread, which you can feed a dinosaur, – a short-sighted decision. They look just fine! Buy something that will not turn into sour or dried shit, and household accessories.

7. Compare prices

If the advance inquire about prices for specific goods in different stores, there is a chance to save. Just remember the cost of stuff you buy, and then pay attention to how much it costs in other stores. As they say, everything is relative.

8. Buy frozen vegetables and fruits

Often frozen is cheaper than fresh. Studies show that fruits and vegetables start to lose vitamins the moment they are taken, so if those guys are frozen, which means that they retain more nutrients. So you will save money and eat more nutritious food, which is much nicer than to spend money on fiction. I’m telling you!

9. Feel free to go to the store «All for 39 rubles»

You will be surprised, but there you can find something worthwhile. What? Here are my personal findings: a tool for cleaning pipes, a decent wheat beer, foreign soda that no longer exists in any store in my city, suitable of energy, a suitcase of spices and kaleidoscope. The latter, of course, does not apply to commodities, but too steep of hell. Come shorter. You never know what you find.

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