Lie to me if you can: the promise of the girl the New year

promises for girlsHowever, not necessarily for the New year — though today, you get to choose. The fact that sometimes girls are angry with us and ask us promises and guarantees that we will continue to behave so as not to get them upset. There are things that will delight any girl — they don’t cost a penny and, moreover, is able to bring her joy. To make a promise to the girl, and most importantly, perform in the new year?

1. Take her hanging out with friends

You know she really wants to spend time with your guys, although it remains at home when you go to the party. If you’re not going to cling to other women or to do something that she will not like, feel free to bring her along. She will have fun and will be very grateful.

2. Do not drink or smoke

As women imagine the man time? The men meet after work and something to drink, shake someone’s hand, something to smoke — and you probably did come across this stereotype. We all understand why he was so tenacious in the women’s minds: too often we do just that. If you want to make her happy, quit Smoking and drink less.

3. Often bring it to light

This is especially true for dudes who are fundamentally important to share your friends and his lady. Don’t want to spoil the party male female presence, though would often take her somewhere. It is very well appreciate the trip to the restaurant, to the movies and even shopping joint. It is not necessary to buy everything I see, just be there — that’s what she wants from you.

4. Listen to her

Sounds easy! Just do it. Often guys ask the question: «How do I make her happy?» No wonder you don’t know: you don’t listen to her. Durable and stable relations due to two factors: how well you listen to each other and how precisely Express their thoughts and feelings. Learn at least one of these skills, let it be your strong suit.

5. Not to lie to her

A white lie — a separate conversation. I understand not lying is hard, but you have to learn to be honest with her in everything. You’ll be surprised when you find out how easy lies can backfire even if you accurately calculated. Especially if you have a very narrow circle of friends. Get in the habit of being truthful in everything you say and do. Then he’ll be glad of that.

6. Learn how to get along with her friends

So, we know her friends is a special sort of battherta. With them it is very difficult to find a common language, but a lot depends on your attitude to the problem. If you turn this task — to make friends with her friends — a kind of quest called «How to make her happy?», it will go much easier.

7. To cook something besides macaroni and cheese

While looking how to cook them! Why does she always have to do for you food and beverages, and the maximum that you can really offer her is macaroni and cheese (if you’re lucky) and a sausage sandwich? Try: put in a special phone app, buy a cookbook, take courses — and at least try to cook by trial and error! She will be touched by your efforts to the core.

8. Reciprocity

If she writes you a message, be sure to say something to her, though not in an hour, and immediately. It will take no more than a minute. If she tries to please you, you should try for it. Very often the men are sitting happy on the sofa with an imaginary crown on his head and I don’t think you will be able not only to receive but to exercise. Don’t take anything for granted and assume that you have certain status quo. So long, and to lose it.

9. Give her what she wants

The woman need to spend money. It is not discussed. The question is not how much. The question is how. The most pleasant gifts are not a fortune. Here the main point is to listen and hear what she lacks.

10. To find a common language with her parents

Devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Of course, easier said than done, and meet the parents for the event. Some girls are attracted to, when «bad boy» can not find a common language with their ancestors, but most of her friends still prefer men that fit into their family circle.

Think of the promise may to please her, and give it at least mentally. See what will change.

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