Liar, liar: the promises we keep the new year we enter, full of unfounded optimism. We are waiting for the new year as a clean slate from which to littered overshadow us 2013, marred by overeating and laziness. You happily look into the future and I hope as soon as possible to move away from a hangover. You are full of positive ideas about the future, which is, alas, not destined to become a reality. I think I even know what it is.

1. I’ll start .. aboutto eat in

I’m sorry, but in 2014 you will eat as much greedy and unhealthy. I think the 1st January, your refrigerator itself filled with cabbage, spinach, carrots and low fat cottage cheese? Maybe, who knows, maybe you make a wish under the chiming clock, and it magically come true? Even so, in anticipation of the upcoming diet you will allow yourself a Christmas holiday to pig out, like last time. Then inevitably will start watching movies in front of the TV with some food, all sorts of Championships in different sports (like no beer?), and then you will allow yourself to relax on Wednesdays, because «well, in the middle of the week, I also need the energy and support in order to survive the everyday work». Come on, tell me. How.

2. I’ll read more

Years entertainment non-stop and non-stop watching videos on YouTube can be likened to a natural disaster completely destroyed our belief that reading can also be fun. So, some of us have heard about such exotic things as reading a pleasure, but even they do not lose skeptical. These dudes did not at first believe in the idea or themselves, but so much want to look smarter on the background of their dudes, sadly melting away in the bookstore there and buy some that someone else, where not even pictures. They return home, absently flipping through the first ten pages, picking his nose, and then there comes to them that they do not have moving pictures. The guys decide that it makes no sense to resist nature, and on the way to the telly time to distribute books here and there at home so was wondering if they have a rich inner world.

3. I will start to play sports

How are people who year by year give yourself is a terrible promise? They really want to lose weight and even write a letter to Santa Claus, but the body was in a so terrible shape that they are almost ashamed to appear in that form in the gym. After a few dismal attempts to run the stadium («Master would be at least a kilometer, where I more, you have to start small») or fire-dancing («Just move, — at least so I’ve got to start somewhere») the boys decide that only can be achieved by adjusting the diet. Soon their optimistic expectations will change the brute reality, which is lucidly explained to them, the pain and the result, or convenience and zero result. If on the up and up, instead firmly deciding to start training in the new year, these types of would have been to stop resisting and to love themselves as they are. At least saved others from his whining.

4. Now I’m up to date on all news

Everyone is talking about the terrorist attack in Volgograd, but they don’t. All going ahead with this Khodorkovsky — and who Khodorkovsky is and what is he famous? Maybe he won Eurovision? Pussy Riot? And, no, the Eurovision song contest seem to have sent them.

One dude bothers to lag behind events, and he decides to keep up with the rest of the world. First the Christmas holidays to convince him that nothing happens in the world: the planet is blissfully suspended animation. Then start routine, he gets on a news website, convinced of the need to read, runs a few lines, meet a lot of unfamiliar names and decides to give up. Well, okay. The world you ever did without it.

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