Letters in the bottle sometimes get!

Letters in the bottle sometimes get!

1. A letter from Canada arrived in Croatia after 28 years

message in a bottle

Letter in a bottle washed up on the shores of Croatia 28 years after it was dumped at sea in the canadian province of Nova Scotia. The bottle was found by a group of kite surfers in the beach clean-up in the Neretva river, near Dubrovnik in the very South of Croatia.

Members kite surfing «Split» and «Komin» were preparing for the new season, cleaning the beach when suddenly found a stoppered bottle. Young Matea Medak-Rezic found that inside the bottle was a letter. It read: «Mary, you’re really great. I hope we will continue our correspondence. I mean, I want to write to you. Forever your friend, Jonathan. Nova Scotia ’85».

Bottle with a letter sailed through the Atlantic ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar, Mediterranean sea, caught in the Adriatic sea and then was nailed to the coast of Dalmatia. It is a journey of 6500 km, if measured directly, but the bottle is clearly fulfilled.

2. Message in a bottle, which I waited 97 years is a new world record

message in a bottle

Message in a bottle was lost for about a century — and it’s a new world record, according to the Guinness Book of records. 97-year-old letter found near the Shetland Islands (Yes, you understood correctly, close to Scotland), claims the title of the slowest bottle-mail in the world. The letter was discovered by Scottish skipper by the name of Andrew lieper when they pulled fishing nets. He likened his amazing discovery with winning the lottery. By coincidence, the 43-year-old Scot was on the ship, which set the last record — it’s a Scottish ship called Copious. The previous record holder mark Anderson was also on Board when he discovered the letter in the bottle.

The current letter of record was sent in 1914, captain brown, from the school of navigation in Glasgow, it’s just a postcard, in which he promises a reward of six pence to those who will find the bottle.

3. The message in a bottle answered after 24 years

message in a bottle

German boy received a response to my letter, which dropped from a ship into the Baltic sea, through nearly a quarter of a century — however, over the years, it is already out of the age of the boy. 13-year-old Russian boy Daniel Short was walking with my parents along the beach when he saw something shiny in the sand. «I saw the bottle and it looked interesting,’ said the boy, — It was a German bottle of beer with ceramic tube, and inside was the message». Dad Daniel knows German, and he translated the letter, carefully wrapped in cellophane and tied with rubber band medical. The letter read: «my name is Frank, I’m five years old. Dad and I are traveling on a ship to Denmark. If you find this letter, please send me an answer and I will answer you.» The letter was dated 1987, and there was a return address.

The boy who wrote the letter, and his name is Frank Usbek, now 29. His parents still live at the same address. Russian boy and adult German saw on video. Daniel showed Weslaco the bottle, which he found his letter.

4. Message in a bottle returned to the family of the sender through 76 years

message in a bottle

Message in a bottle, thrown into the sea 76 years ago has been found in New Zealand, the family returned to the sender. The bottle was discovered by Geoff Flood in November 2012, inside she had a message: «I was in the sea. Ask whomever finds this bottle, send this message with the date and place of discovery at this address».

The message was dated March 17 and sent in 1936 by Herbert Ernest Hillblom indicated in the letter your name and address. Mr. Flood found the bottle on 90 mile beach New Zealand. He learned that the sender died in 1940, but his grandson, Peter Hillback, lives in Australia.

5. Captured the ship’s crew was rescued after sending the letter in the bottle

message in a bottle

In 2011, the team hijacked a cargo vessel were rescued by British commandos after its members sent a request for help in the bottle. Captured sailors were locked in an armored part of the ship, full of pirates and thrown into the sea with a message asking for salvation. Then came the two ships of NATO and freed them — just like in the movies.

The message said that all team members are alive and well, it was received by the special forces before he began storming the ship. All crew members were rescued unharmed, with the exception of one dude who cut his hand, and the pirates, of course, was arrested.

6. Letter in a bottle replied to in 30 years because of Facebook

message in a bottle

Oliver Vandewalle from Belgium sent a message in a bottle over 30 years ago — and finally got an answer via Facebook. During family sailing trips along the South coast of England at the age of 14 years Vanderwalle snatched the sheet from his notebook and sealed it in a bottle of wine. 33 the Belgian received a response from Lorraine Yates, found the bottle washed up on the shores of Dorset. Instead of having to write the usual letter to the address specified in the letter, Yates found Vanderwalle through the popular social network.

47-year-old Belgian said, «It’s been so long that my first reaction when she found me «not me». And then I remembered.» The letter stated that Vanderwalle — «14-year old boy from Belgium.» He continued the letter: «I don’t know who You, the student, male or female. I’m an 18-metre boat called «Tamaris». Now I write this letter and we are passing Portland bill on the South coast of England. We sailed this morning.»

The two sons of Vanderwalle tried to repeat an interesting experience of his father, but failed. «They were not smart enough to write a return address, and therefore to answer is almost impossible,» says the father.

7. The message found after 40 years in Sequoia National Park

message in a bottle

Old rusty canister no one was interested as much as 40 years until it caught the eye of a 69-year-old resident of Oakland, California, named Larry Wright.

He walked along the route near Milestone mountain in Sequoia National Park with his son Aaron, and grandson Skyler and stepped on the canister, which is felt under the foot. Inside was a perfectly preserved hand-written message, dated August 17, 1972. It read:

«Tom Taylor climbed to this peak on Thursday, 17 August 1972, at the age of 13 years. Whoever finds this letter please write».

Enchanted by the optimistic mood of the note, Wright-month quest to find Taylor. He began his search with a visit to the address specified in the letter and met his current owner Koichi Uemura, who explained that his family lives in this house 18 years. Uemura suggested that his family are the third owners of this home since I moved the Taylor.

Wright also tried to find the boy through the registration records of voters and Google, but nothing worked, until he stumbled upon the local newspaper La Cañada Valley Sun. The newspaper wrote about the discovery of Wright, and Taylor began to call friends and relatives — and it is during this time became a judge in the Supreme court in San Diego. Taylor explained that he went camping with a group of scouts that day when he buried the message. He ascended to a peak altitude of about 3500 m, which was not included in the official boy scout map. He also said that his father introduced him to the habit of leaving messages in bottles for strangers could find them.

8. Two women become pen pals after it was discovered a message sent in a bottle 40 years ago

message in a bottle

Rosalind Hers met my penfriend from USA on the beach, where she found her letter in the bottle 40 years ago. A letter nailed to the shores of South Wales, after Sandra Morris threw him off the ship. Women, both of whom 48 years, since overwritten.

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