Let there be light: the original illumination for the house


Each time, waking up in the night to suddenly to plunder the fridge or just drink water, suffering little fingers your feet are collected many punches and kicks from all sharp edges, which are in your house. Enough is enough!

Razbaby this dangerous darkness, the bright light of a lamp! These lamps would be a great gift for the younger brother and nephew, as well as for you, if your fifth point is still vividly playing childhood and you still can’t part with their Legos, transformers and lightsabers.

1. Planetarium «Star» (astrostar) with adapter


Among urban smog, bright lights at night and Windows you must have forgotten what it means to just enjoy the night sky and the light of distant stars. But now you have the opportunity to have a starry sky with blackjack and good mood with a home planetarium from Magicmag.

Home planetarium «Astrostar» from Magicmag runs on batteries, from a wall outlet or USB, that is quite a universal thing that will ensure its possessor joyful emotions.

The gadget carries not only decorative and entertaining, but also educational function: personal galaxy has on his «horizon» all the constellations of the zodiac signs that will help you to show off next summer before a friend, for example, to the seaside in summer starry night.

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2. 16-tizita lamp on the control panel


Invite your friend to view erotic film «Color of night», light this ordinary at first glance, the lamp and paint the darkness with bright colors, literally.

Having 4 basic colors (white, blue, red and green), and 12 additional colors, this lamp will become an indispensable attribute of creating amorous atmosphere, plus, you’ll not need to pay huge electricity bills, because the gadget is very economical and uses only 3 watts of energy. And everything works is a miracle of technology on the remote control.

Functions of the remote:

— on/off;

— flashing, strobe, fade, soft;

— attenuation;

— color (16 colors);

— housing material: housing with aluminum coating;

— base type: E27 (standard socket);

— power: 3 W;

— input voltage: AC100-240V, frequency: 50-60 Hz;

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3. Lamp-Tetris


Lamp-designer of «Tetris» is assembled from 7 separate parts (details of the game Tetris) that can be stacked in any combination and in any sequence. But that’s not all: each lamp has its own polarity, and if nothing lights up, it does not mean that it is time to complain about the lack and lament the fact that the circle of deception: simply rotate the element in the bulb 180 degrees in the horizontal plane.

And yet, the first part should always be direct stick, because it joins power and it is power button and turn off the Lamp, Tetris.

To buy a lamp «Tetris»

4. The projector of waves of the ocean 2 in 1


Shimmering blue light creates the illusion of water movement and the built-in speaker allow you to attach it to the player with your favorite music or purposefully pumped the sound of ocean waves. This is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work, unless, of course, the journey on the real seaside you can’t afford it.

This is the version of the projector of waves of the ocean with increased brightness of the lamps so that it easily illuminates the entire ceiling of the room of 20-25 sq. m. Also this lamp has a mode of «Northern lights», which paints the room in green and red-orange tones. Form can choose either round or square projector, the main distinguishing principle is the angle of projection. It is worth noting that the round version is shining brightly.

To purchase a projector of waves of the ocean 2 in 1

5. Magnetic Levitron lamp Wood


Lamp Levitron — the top engineering and excellent interior decoration.

The lampshade is divided into 2 parts, and one of them «hovering» over another does with it is not touching.

At the bottom of the «dome» lamp is a powerful electromagnet. It is magnetic disk, which flies at a height of about 3 inches. The upper magnet is installed the upper part of the lampshade.

In the lower part of the canopy built 2 rows of high-power white LEDs. One row shines down, the other up, and using the second part of the lampshade gently scatters light to the sides. Each row switched separately from each other by sensitive sensors. So using a flying magnetic Levitron lamp you will easily be able not only to read books, but to illuminate the room.

One warning: due to strong magnetic fields it is recommended to place lamps close to sensitive electrical devices — phones, tablets.

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6. Lamp Transform Freak


A series of lamps that will delight each young Amateur superheroes. James bond, Bruce Lee, Batman, Cow, robot cat from the future Doraemon, Superman and a Skeleton — all of these characters illuminates the life of comic book fan of bright colors. The gadget is powered by built-in battery capacity 400 mAh, charged by USB, and due to the fact that the illumination used led, one charge will last a very long time.

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7. Giant pin notes with backlight


Most of the original Giant pin notes with the built-in lamp in the form of a giant thumbtack stuck in a corkboard.

The basis of the actual studs made of natural cork, so you can attach photos or notes.

In order to enable it, simply click on the pin on top. The same action should be done to disable it.

Perfect as a lamp on your Desk or near the bed: a nice soft light and the ability to attach multiple notes or photos on the buttons of the original size.

Buy a giant safety pin for notes with backlight

8. Touch LED stand night light


Original touch the glowing plate details. In order to its top began to glow, just enough to touch any part of the body. Convenient and practical thing to store at the bedside phone, glasses or TV remote. Moreover, if the kickstand to put the phone, it reduces the level of radiation.

To enable or disable the backlight by touching any part of the body plates. When you touch with two fingers you can adjust the brightness.

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