Let creativity into the harsh world of business

manygoodtips.com_25.11.2014_dzIRc1ZJzs5x7The monotonous repetition of the daily obligatory tasks within grey-white office box is able to suck all creativity even Picasso. The place where you spend 40 hours a week affect your feelings and mind, which is more and more numb among this hustle and bustle. If everyone around you will look the same, sooner or later you will notice that the same and mediocre become your own thoughts.

Your creativity depends on your attitude and the attitude of enthusiasm. To develop your creativity is needed even in hard mode the working week, because it directly affects your mood and performance. So how can you inflame a inspiration in their work environment? Read below.

1. A guest in his own office

Sit for an hour in the guest chair, so to speak, across the river from the desktop. You will have a chance to get a fresh visual point of view, being in the same walls in the same atmosphere as always. If in your office there is no such preferred furniture or you have no office, grab your laptop and get your ass anywhere, just away from the usual workplace. Even the slightest change in your physical units can stimulate the senses and creativity. Don’t be afraid or feel free to arrange such transfers several times a day, it’s a great remedy for the fatigue that brings the routine.

2. Decorate your working place artwork or photos

It can be offered, framed picture depicting you in a happy moment of life. Can buy reproductions of famous paintings or canvas by an unknown artist and hung on the wall opposite your Desk. As long as you like and evoked pleasant emotions. Posters of cool movies, ridiculous backtrace, unusual mouse pad – may you surround yourself with bright objects that cause the corresponding mood.

3. Fork on the chair

In the same way as moving, rearrange a very positive impact on your working enthusiasm, creating inspiration. You should be comfortable while you carefully think through the plan of taking over this world.

4. Maximise the outside space

Is your office empty or cluttered space? Do a little mini-poll: in a dusty closet would like to see your colleagues? And if these desires can be implemented with little financial and labour costs of the action and design your oasis in the desert operational reports and schedules.

5. Write down all ideas that come to mind

Fixing even simple ideas that you believe stupidity is the fuel for the creative process. Another thought that dawned on your hard working brain needs to be recorded. Strange idea that inspired you or sparked interest, too. Write down everything, and when you have time and a fresh clear head, go back to your records and try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Find what can be modified, to bring to mind and successfully implemented.

6. Enjoy motivational attitude

Listen to songs that energize you energy. Read quotes or passages from books that I love. Watch movies that inspire. Such a waste of time by default cannot be considered empty, even during working hours: these things do you feed your creativity, enthusiasm and productivity.

7. Buy huge wall Board and set of colored markers

You can write on the Board the plans of sales, their clever ideas, and can draw a huge female ass and tell everyone that it is a picture of the heart of your company.

8. Make a brainstorming

Brainstorming is an integral part of creative thinking. Make such productive breaks at least once a day. Don’t stop until, while you will not have at least ten fresh ideas or areas of work.

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