Lessons of courage «Fight Club»

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_w52nULm6aTeFnToday, we are at your own risk of breaking the first rule the famous Fight Club.

The book, written by Chuck Palahniuk was published 18 years ago, and the movie is a decade and a half ago, that does not prevent him to remain a cult stumbling block when it comes to matters of courage.

He has many worthy of citation phrases, but some of them, for example — «We’re a generation of men raised by women» — regularly appears on the first pages of any gonoraliso, and because of this, «Fight Club» has become something of a cliché that the right and left catch a clear and defiant dogs in adico, but who are afraid to sleep in the first lesson at school. The true value more and more are getting tired, and sometimes it seems that the current generation does not see the depth and relevance that carries this product. So what are the lessons of courage we can give the club? Look back and find out.

1.»It’s your life and it gets shorter every minute»

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_bD02Ub0ewCWgL«Memento mori» is a famous Latin phrase that became a catch phrase meaning «remember the death». With every minute of your life getting closer and closer to the end. Unpleasant thought that is the whole point.

Almost everyone, especially if he is young, vigorous and cheerful, lives as if he is immortal, constantly postponing changes for the better on a mythical Monday, the first day of the first month.

But it’s pretty bleak to think about such things, isn’t it?

Tyler Durden knew that our awareness of death is extremely important for our personal growth: «someday you will die, and before you know it, you’re useless to me.»

As soon as we pass this thought through all the guts and awareness is a fleeting and meaningless day, we will find meaning and something important and meaningful to us.

And if I ask you a question that you will regret while on his deathbed, perhaps I’ll hear the answer that you would have done differently if you had the opportunity, but not so foolishly pissed away the time allotted to you.

It’s never too late. Change your life now and don’t worry about not are made when the bony grim Reaper will knock on the door of your house.

2. «I don’t want to die without any scars»

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_oGFMmJZrrZrOq«…Have you seen those cars that are completely stock cherry, right out of dealer’s showroom in 1955, I always think, what a waste.«

We live in a modern and relatively clean world. Disinfectants and cleaning agents, washing powder, daily shower, automotive wax — quite ordinary things of our daily routine. We do our best to keep our own little world of neat, clean, devoid of scars.

Patch holes in the walls of our house, fix the car, in the glove box are disinfectant wipes.

Of course, this is a great thing and benefits of our modern civilization, we are not cavemen savages to live in a tent and wash my face only with rain water. But what if a little dirt and scars are all beneficial for your General well-being?

Now more and more people suffer from allergies. Especially this ailment became exposed to modern children. While some studies show that our desire for sterility and cleanliness in the home may be the actual cause of the weakening of our immune system.

These jerks grow in the mode of «blowing dust», while the dirt and germs teach the body to defend itself and to fight diseases.

The hero of our novel suggests that he doesn’t want to die without a few scars. On the one hand, their presence may mean that you lived a full life outside the walls of their cozy and protected home.

You risked looking his way, he was wrong and fell. Life in a bubble to protect you on bumps and scratches, only life?

The concept of «scars» applies not only to your body but to your mind and emotions.

Psychological scars, painful and aching periodically, even in the hearts of the toughest members of our kind, in the end, make us stronger. This is the experience that will allow in the future to avoid incendiary dance on the rake.

Besides, scars make us stronger. And if the «Fight club» you’ll be punched in the face, while leaving the label that you will see to the end of his days, tie his hands and ask for a rematch.

3. «The things you once had, become your masters»

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_bZrsPo1kfHyqA«I’m not the only victim of the instinct that causes people to build their nests. All my friends who used to sit in the bathroom with a pornographic magazine in her hands, now sitting with a catalog of IKEA furniture… You buy furniture.

You assure yourself that this is the last sofa that you buy in life. Buying it, you have a couple years of quiet in the sense that no matter how things have been, and the issue with the sofa, at least, solved. Then the right set of dishes. Bed the question. You buy curtains that suit you and fit the carpet. And now you’ve become a prisoner of her lovely nest and the things you once had, become your masters.»

It’s possible that while you were in school and then in College, your parents are a feasible helped you, you looked like a complete goof in style among fellow students. Thank them for that. Although it is possible, you have all the gadgets and status belongings earned themselves.

Now the average person has his home, car and a good job to pay the bills. Full combo kit. And it remains satisfied until I see that the neighbor bought over a cool car, a colleague’s flagship smartphone, and one moved into a new apartment in the elite district.

And now, vile jealousy, which becomes even more disgusting when it comes to a loved person has already slowly but surely eats your soul.

But if you’re still following your dream, you will realize that more good car means more expensive repairs, more housing is costly communal and harvesting, smartphones guzzle the incredible amount of traffic, you want to pay.

We see all this new shiny furniture in the IKEA catalog, and we think that the new purchase will make us happy, but I cherished the thing, the expected joy does not occur. And often comes the realization that why the heck I spent so much money on that shit.

How to avoid the rampant materialism that dominates our society?

In the books, and this is the answer: «If you don’t know what I want, die in a pile of what is not wanted.»

The ability to clearly focus and know your objectives — will help you to achieve peace balanced minimalism, where you have things you need, and that bring you joy.

For example, if you decided to become a writer, to expand your library with new books, explore a question, do mental activity and you won’t have time for envy of his neighbor.

While you’re focused on building your world, you’re going to worry less about what you say and think.

4. Fighter in each of us

manygoodtips.com_11.09.2014_bmqUVTOnoVyRe«I love everything about Tyler Durden, his courage and his mind. His power. Tyler is funny and charming, strong and independent, and people look at him and expect that he will change the world everyone. I’m not Tyler Durden… «But you he,» said Marla.

Our pale, shy and quiet, and the narrator was tough and fearless Tyler the whole time. This was reported to him, Marla.

Tyler Durden was funny and independent from the beginning, but the narrator was slow to realize these features. Too abrupt transition from the simple clerk to a ruthless fighter.

And despite the General gloomy atmosphere of the text, I want to say to everyone reading dude, he was confident, strong and a hard man is in each of us.

It’s just when you spend all day in the office, come home, eat their semi-watching TV, going to bed and this fact is very easy to release from the attention.

Don’t destroy a fighter, develop him, read, travel, swim against the current, leave the comfort zone, other than your life will be different from the existence of a ciliate? And don’t forget to invite our editors to start his own «Fight Club»!

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