Lessons in manliness: Theodore Roosevelt on how to live a strenuous life


I wish to preach not the doctrine of disgraceful carelessness and ease, but the doctrine of strenuous life, a life of toil and effort, the servantcomes and struggle; to preach that highest form of success which comes not to the man who wants a simple and easy world around, and the man who does not shy away from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil, and who creates these luxury wins the final triumph.

Theodore Roosevelt.

So Theodore Roosevelt changed its painful nature and through willpower and hard work became a well man. His message tells us that we need to live a strenuous life» — this was the basic principle of his own life.

Hard work and enthusiasm allowed Roosevelt to reach such heights for 60 years of life:

work as a member of the state legislature, police Commissioner and Governor of new York;

work on a ranch in Dakota;

the assistant Secretary of the Navy;

fought as a cavalryman in the Spanish-American war;

the President of the United States for two and an unprecedented third term;

the first President who left the U.S. during their powers to see to the building of the Panama canal;

wrote 35 books;

read tens of thousands of books — several a day in multiple languages;

explored the Amazon rainforest;

discovered and mapped a tributary of the Amazon with a length of more than 625 miles, which was named in his honor;

he offered himself a volunteer as infantry in 59 years.

In addition to all of these cases, Roosevelt breathed life into every aspect of its activities. He actually went from office to office, cordially shook hands, clapped for servants shoulders and smiled. When he was entangled in politics, he regularly trained and have achieved success in Boxing, tennis, Hiking, rowing, Polo and equestrian sports. As President, he made it a rule to hold meetings with leaders and dignitaries on long excursions and walks in the parks around Capitol Hill. As Governor of new York, he boxed with sparring partners several times a week, and this practice was regularly continued as President until an unfortunate blow has not led to a detached retina, leaving him blind in one eye. After that Roosevelt practiced Ju-jitsu and continued swimming in the Potomac river in the winter.

One of the best examples of unflagging enthusiasm of Roosevelt — his campaign in third in his life the presidential election. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he was standing at the end of the train car, waving to the crowd. Unknown shot him in the chest. Before Roosevelt had killed three of the President, and he was always ready to attack. Roosevelt put his fingers in his mouth to see if there was blood, and since blood in his mouth was not, he realized that the bullet pierced a lung. By chance and a few leaves with a copy of the language of the bullet lodged in a rib. Roosevelt insisted to continue to appeal to the audience, where 10,000 people were waiting for his speech. To impress the crowd and excite vindictive feelings, he displayed the bloody shirt and said:

«I’ve just been shot and is more than just to kill the American bison».

Roosevelt then spoke for 90 minutes before you agree to go to the hospital. Theodore Roosevelt did not just utter the words that we have to live «hard» life, he himself adhered to this principle.

Why Wiwut nabrajano Wa life

Stressful life inspires faith.

A simple and relaxed life is not excitement; in the end, it’s a life that does not correspond to the people who have a serious purpose.

If you take responsibility and accept the challenge of fate, you’ll get the best and the surest way to become courageous and confident. Enough to sit home and play video games. Go out and look for a challenge. This is the way by which Roosevelt cultivated a confidence. He actively sought challenges and solved them.

Start to live a strenuous life today, and will gain the confidence to set a goal that will spur you to further action. Do what you often thought but never dared to do. Busy life makes us better husbands and fathers.

A real man performs a man’s job, bravely stand the test works, supports himself and those who depend on it.

Unfortunately, many men shy away from family responsibilities. Busy life requires you to be a better husband and father you can be. Working on yourself, you will be able to provide a good quality of life to those who depend on you. Support your wife emotionally. Be an active participant in the lives of their children.

Busy life makes our country stronger. According to recent studies healthy state can exist only when men and women want to live a clean, vigorous, healthy lives; when the children learn that they must try, try, not to shirk difficulties but to overcome them; not to look for carelessness, you need to know how to achieve success through hard work and risk.

Take the challenge to be a true citizen. To follow developments, not only in his country but in another world. Don’t base your judgments only on the statements and reports, read reputable Newspapers and magazines on a monthly basis. They offer much more obektivno analysis of the events in the world. In addition, participate in public life. Attend meetings, join a group of social activists. It will be difficult to find the time to do this? But it is a busy life. Take the challenge and overcome it.

Overcome the fear of rejection or criticism. In search of the strenuous life, you will surely encounter it. Don’t let criticism hold you back. After all the failure and criticism are obstacles that must be overcome in order to know the true magnificence of life.

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