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manygoodtips.com_31.07.2015_HSTGKfJ2zgm3LThere is such a wonderful sport like fencing. People armed with cold, but safe weapons, poke each other with rage. Yours truly was at the time also engaged in this business. He was lucky to train with one of the best in his time fencers. Unfortunately, I’m a decent athlete did not, but many wise things I learned thanks to sports. After another failed competition, the coach gathered us and made a very unpleasant debriefing. The performance was shameful, and our main problem was the excessive academism. We has paid more attention to proper rack than in the fight. «No normal athlete will not do anything you don’t know how. Do not try to do beautifully, do not try to be crafty and effectively to intercept! It’s not a ballet, the result is important here. Out – fight!» – then shouted at us.

In other words, we tried to explain that it is foolish to pay attention to the little things, if they are of little use. If the quarterback can’t score goals, that doesn’t mean it can’t be on the field. It is important to be able to play football and to perform their tasks. By the way, this is the case not only in sports.

It takes courage

Mastering the basics can seem very heavy. But in any situation there is an exit, so you just need to focus and to prioritize.

Take, for example, an entrepreneur (well, that the average successful businessman), which is a whole day digging with details. Should he perform a small task on the sample ordering water cooler, to respond to 50 emails per day, conduct interviews? Yes, but these things should not be paramount and to be at the top of the task list. Henry Ford said that a successful entrepreneur must not dwell on the details too long, there are other workers, deputies, secretaries. It is better to devote time to basic things.

Avoid «extreme cases»

Simple observations of life make it clear that mankind is very much afraid of extreme cases. Sometimes the whole life goes with the confidence that bad times will come, and you need to be prepared. It is necessary to prepare, these «extreme cases» – it is really insidious, but they no longer distract us from the real work than help.

I had a good friend who is a passion as I wanted to go to the gym. Overweight, dissatisfaction with life is actively sent to it. It would seem that complicated? Use a Bible with a «get up and go». But he was concerned about a number of things. First, suddenly he will be sent on a business trip and have to miss a few classes, that will make his visit is meaningless. Second, somewhere he had heard that alcohol is very harmful to athletes, and to abandon the weekly trip to the bar with friends, he could not (it’s better to be crushed by its own weight). Well, injuries that are very, very confused. What’s wrong with him now? And nothing lies the same fat as before. And if not delved into the details, got up and went, probably did not complain of back pain, you pathetic fat ass.

Or another example. You started your own business, and it seems that everything is fine. But the case does not go beyond the banal discussion of color business cards, delivery methods courier packages and other details. What does this mean? That you are obsessed with extreme cases. Right, you need to be ready for anything, and to optimize the performance of the enterprise later, but while you’re going to dig into the details your profit to be exactly 0 USD.

By the way, avoiding rigid and arbitrary decisions, inability to take risks, too, speaks of pettiness. If you spend a lot of time searching for the path of least resistance, the result is likely to be left with nothing. In the end, it shows the incompetence of man. Professional does not slow down half way through, he just keeps doing his job, you just know the basics.

Fear not fundamentals

Any action, any business is like a rough stone that he was in the Studio of the sculptor. If you cut off all unnecessary, it turns out that all the little things had disappeared. Will remain only the essence.

Of course, in order to undertake the work needed a fair amount of courage. But you know what, no longer long to dwell on the details, I saved a lot of time and is faster to navigate in their Affairs. But this requires experience and inner confidence. There is no reason to buy expensive strings and gadgets on a guitar, except if the horse you don’t know how to play.

I want to finish the beautiful sentence unknown Internet author that no matter what you have sneakers, if you walk through Paris.

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