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how to go

Let’s imagine a situation. You’re at a party or at the party. Maybe someone convinced you to go there, despite the fact that you’re slammed at work (or on the nose exam), and you don’t have time to come up with a suitable excuse to quickly get away. Or perhaps you came to visit as promised, but it’s boring, there is no suitable company and you can’t keep the conversation in its present form. You have neither the strength nor the desire to be there. Many of us have been in such a situation and usedona larger pleasure poked myself with a pen in my eye than I would attempt to escape.

How to leave nicely? Of course, you have heard that it is important to make a good first impression, last impression is also important. Studies have shown that people remember most clearly the beginning and the end of the event, and the end is even stronger than the beginning. So you need to come out adequately that after you left, the guests discussed how they liked «that guy».

How to leave the guests to avoid inconvenience and not to offend the host? How to win at the same time? We’ll give you some tips.

1. Go away in time. No matter how gently and carefully you will act if you choose to care the wrong time. Even if you know that the party is terrible, was terrible from the start and terrible to the end, you still need to stay there for a while. Between your arrival and the departure should pass in about an hour: agreed that it’s weird when a guy comes in and ten minutes later leaving. If you’re invited for a holiday dinner, it is better to go after a hot. If you need to leave early with an important reason, tell the host or hostess as soon as you come in the house. Generally, if you can’t stand this absolutely necessary minimum, it is better not to come. Is it awkward for you to go in the middle of dinner, rising from the table and attracting everyone’s attention. Then the first and last impression about you connect and will, frankly, not the best.

When you have served the minimum acceptable hours, it is better to go when the party starts to slope to the end. If not — just wait for the moment until the majority of people will be interested in something.

2. Get up. When people feel that the time has come to leave, they begin to fidget on the spot and say something like: «it’s Getting late… well…» And they still for some time continue to sit and awkward to glance at the clock. If you’re ready to leave, show it. You get up — so you want to go.

Just don’t be too choppy. It’s as awkward as it the wiggle on the chair and timid glances in one direction and then the other trying to escape. Get up gently and confidently. While you stand, just say, «I’ll go.» Never say why you’re leaving. Excuses can make home owners feel unimportant to you, and you yourself condemn to an explanation of whisper near the door.

If you want to get up without attracting attention to yourself, try this kind of thing. When you want to go, wait for a pause in the dialogue and tell a short story. Let it be interesting, exciting. Let the people laugh. When you’re done to tell, start to get up. You can even start to wear a coat while there is a story. Come to the master — and here the story reaches its climax. The end — farewell — can go.

3. Stretch one’s hand. Well, I’m up. What now? A very important point. If you don’t continue your way to the door, the host and the guests will probably persuade you to stay, because more tea, cake and bingo.

Once you’re up, give me your hand the host. Confidently and firmly shake his hand. The hostess can embrace — or whatever they have in the company. Most people understand that you seriously started to go, you’ll be led to the door, you’ll say goodbye. However, some of them may be trying to persuade you to stay.

4. Say «Thank you» and «goodbye». Until I shake my hand, thank him for his hospitality and conversation. Look him in the eye, smile, praise what you like, tell me that you had a pleasant evening. «Thank you for dinner! This is the best honey cake I’ve ever tasted!» Say goodbye to your guests, too.

5. Collect things. You don’t want to forget anything, and then for it to return? This will give you an additional chance to feel not at ease and will erase the memory of the warm guests and hosts that remained after you left. Bring a coat, hat, things wife. Check that your mobile phones with you. If I forget something, better wait the next day to return.

6. Go to the door confidently. If you do not start to go in the direction of the door, you are immediately thrown back to the table. As soon as you moved to the exit, go purposefully and confidently. It is not necessary to stop looking at photos or pictures, otherwise you risk to listen to a 10 minute story about the person depicted in the pictures about the history of this picture.

7. Open the door. You walked up to the door. You almost reached a goal but still risk to get into an awkward situation. A host with good manners before you open the door and holds you at the door, but some do not see the need for it or forget about it, because too care about the holiday. Some may even talk to you before the doors open for 15 minutes. If you don’t open the door himself, you’re doomed to listen to talk about things that don’t really interest you. When the owner opens before you the door, do it yourself, as soon as you approach her. When the door is open, feel free to walk away. Stand with both feet beyond the threshold, even if in such a situation, the owner will continue to say, this contradiction will knock him flat on his thoughts and he will let you go in peace.

8. Go. Say a final farewell words of thanks and turn away. Mission accomplished! Soon you’ll be somewhere where you feel more comfortable.

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