Learn to be fashionable, stylish and beautiful with Daniel Craig

There are people looking at which I think: «He is born to suit». There are characters that dress – don’t wear an expensive suit, but they are meaningless, like a monkey in a gas mask. And without tights, they look organic. Maybe that’s why many pals go to a wedding in gym shorts? Maybe they have an adequate sense of style and beauty, so they wear something that is more suited to their mirrored edentulous persons, with clear print bydlyushnaya the void?

But it’s not so important. It is important that our today’s hero costume is more appropriate than the role of James bond. Just someone lucky enough to be Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan, and someone does not understand how to take on the iconic role. But let’s not about bad. He is innocent, he just wanted fame and money, and won’t oskotinilis on poor Dan’ku, he has a very «kosher» role in «flashbacks of a fool». And the clothes look good, that lucky person, everything from the costumes cost in the car «Oka» in the «James bond» to a more ascetic way of the owner of a Swedish magazine from a film about the girl with the dragon portak.

Anyway, I think it useful to read the lessons in style from the very highly paid Mr bond. James Bond. It is clear that the clothes in the movies he chooses not to himself, but then, thank the costume designers working on the images of Craig.

Do not hurry with the updates

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Many believe that regular updating of the contents of their closets – something if not necessary, then certainly mandatory. But in fact it is the same nonsense like North Korea. If you carefully observe the image of Craig in «James bond», we can see that it can easily «nod» in the direction of new fashion trends without sacrificing the integrity of the character.

Unlike the previous «007», who wear shirts under double-breasted jackets, Craig, for, so to speak, more American versions wore a single-breasted jacket, covers spyware tools and textured carcass. It was like the previous Bonds, but, nevertheless, scarves and the French cuffs were not enough to make it look like dandies from the previous part of the franchise.

In the controversial «Quantum of solace» we’ve seen it in a very modern but yet very classic Sunspel Polo. And here are two lessons that need to be taken from here:

Never limit yourself for the sake of traditionalism. Of course, we’re not talking about a strict formal dress codes like tuxedo solemn pathos, but for everyday life it is better to wear what is more comfortable and fits your image and personality. In the end, the clothes can be beautiful and elegant, except for elk on the fat hips. You’re not a rock star.

In your wardrobe will always be things to create your own style, the only need to know one important detail – how to combine them. Pay attention to how Craig aka bond quietly moved from the world of pathos and glamor in the sights of the carnage and poor neighborhoods. All you have to do is combine a few things to look more stylish. I hope you understand that merge does not mean to sew. For example, almost everyone in the depths of the wardrobe was overlooked white t-shirt and jacket. However, if you wear both at once, from the side you can hear a nice: «What a good boy».

In the end, it is much cheaper than to go and buy expensive things. Although wearing that anyhow also not advised.

Sewn – too trendy


This is a very common error, however, Daniel will teach us not to implement it.

Much easier to buy ready-made clothes in the store. Chose a size, put, rolled up Trouser legs and went. The most important thing that? The main thing that the suit sat. Fit well, never hangs, never rubbing – good. Doesn’t fit very well – do not care.

However, Craig reminds us that clothing is sewn strictly by size, in accordance with the anatomical features, texture and the customer’s wishes, i.e. yours. Many tailoring is associated with such adjectives as beautiful and expensive. As a rule, it is more expensive, but it all depends on the tailor that will do you nicely.

If you’re categorically opposed to made by a local «designer» pants, at least podlivy size purchased.

Wear things as expected


This is especially true for regular clothes Craig. For example, Polo on it hangs the bag and wraps around the body like a diving suit. Your clothes should not hang from you like a black robe with Death, and tight like you’re trying to become a victim asfixia. To find clothes that «fit» is much harder than it seems.

Steal the style of Craig


Simple items like cardigans and scarves, if you remember the blue sweater and knit scarf, cutesie Craig in «the Girl with the dragon tattoo» – you know what we mean. This is a perfect look for cold winter.

In order to look pretentious and fashionable summer and feel comfortable, stop the choice on the example of uncle Dan on a light suit, blue shirt with a provocative unbuttoned the top buttons and pair of brown, like dirty grizzly, loafers.

Invest in quality: white shirt, dark jeans combined with a sweater, scarf and/or jacket for more layering. And we get the output? The cabbage? No, we are a male butterfly is so beautiful and elegant.

Clothes should be wearable and not as Pull and Weak. The quality and practicality above all else. That bond that comes from the mud and horseshit, there is always more or less the whole knit. Although he could not to think about it. After all, the British government is sponsoring, and these guys are not poor.

Wear the bag. Not «many», not hip bag market seller, not a huge bag, but a normal, strong, beautiful bag. Be a gentleman. Gentlemen – guys fisted and practical.


Many people think that way Bragovskogo bond is suitable only for bright scenes. There is a truth. However, this does not prevent many to wear all of the above as casual wear. But you need to she’ll fit. And, in the end, the clothes should be able to wear. Yes, it’s not an exoskeleton, but also require a different approach. You don’t want to be laughed at, as on student from Cameroon in the fur cap.

You say that this style is not suitable for everyday wear, it’s expensive and that the article is not fully revealed, the image of movie-Craig. I will answer you: maybe. And that we live in a free country, everyone has the right to talk shit.

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