Leadership lessons from you-Know-Who

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_OWTcShjQWnOrFSometimes, watching your favorite movies, we are trying to find in them something more than just a great story and great game actors. So it was with «Game of thrones», with the famous grossing films with «the Hobbit». But we forgot about the opposite camp adult lovers of fairy tales and fantasy «Pottermania», which are engaged in fierce verbal battles with the Tolkienisty fallen at the first opportunity. A gift that adults, passion is passion.

Today we will correct the injustice and talk about-Someone-Not-Call – Volan-de-mort. More specifically, what lessons of leadership we can give to the Dark Lord. Potter drove this bald since childhood, but despite a deep passion for radical eugenics and world domination, Volan-de-mort was a great leader. He combined a lot of witches and wizards, so they followed it pretty disgusting. No one risked to be compared with it in size sticks. And it was quite impressive.

1. He never gave up

I was torn from the body. I was less than spirit… it Seems some of my experiments worked… because I died…you-Know-Who is the most persistent noseless man available, even in a fictional world. He wouldn’t let such unpleasant things as death, loss of physical body and existence in a turban in a hysterical Professor, stripped him of his lifelong dream – to dominate the world.

2. He always had a backup plan

For the sake of.with.ua_27.11.2014_5ggtFFwsv9BHDSomeone tries to kill him? No problem, because there is a Horcrux! A Horcrux destroyed? Shit-question, there are five and one (spoiler alert!) – he is bespectacled. Voldi knew that the path he has chosen, incredibly heavy, but hell, it’s worth it, and that’s why he always had a backup plan. Of course, you don’t need to split his soul into seven pieces, but to have seven backup plans, if something goes wrong, not a bad idea.

3. He understood the value of the team

He-Who-Not-Call were aware that he needs a true dream team, because, despite all his coolness and brilliant mind, he was not able alone to destroy all Muggles and rebellious half-bloods. So you should have your own death eaters – like-minded people who are as passionate about one idea or dream as you.

Be sensitive, listen to the opinions of his team. Listen to constructive criticism without threatening to kill the companion and all of his family members. Unable to afford even a clumsy hug to Express my affection and attachment, as did the dark Lord.


4. He wisely delegated authority

Some people are investing in the development team all their strength and soul, but at the same time afraid to trust others to run things and trying to take care of all your needs. You-Know-Who knew that in order to maintain their terrible condition, it needs to delegate tasks between all team members, because this is the principle of teamwork. But to have a few unresolved issues that you don’t want and don’t trust anyone but himself, absolutely fine.


5. He’s a great strategist

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_Y69gzL7LJbnARCunning plans Volan de mort could not fail to impress even the most bitter enemies. Remember how deftly he pulled his black case during the Tournament, the Four Wizards! (Cedric R. I. P).

To be a good leader, you along with your team need to develop a clear strategy: to have a detailed plan of action for a week, a month or even a year.

6. He had a big dream

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_60hdd2a0wU0NOWhat the hell niggle? Nothing is impossible, no walls that can withstand natural perseverance, talent, intelligence and patience.

Every time your hands get to live my life and plan just the wrong time to fall, remember how many wins you got, what you have accomplished. Yes, everything is relative, because you just want to execute a sales plan to maximize revenue, increase customer loyalty, not genocide.

7. He had his principles and beliefs without putting them into question loyalty

«Only the quality of one’s convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.»Potter, Lupin, Snape, Weasley – every character was tormented with iron claws of uncertainty. Even Dumbledore had hidden under his snow-white beard doubts and concerns about the fidelity of their decisions. All, but not old Voldi. He believed in the truth of each of his words, and his belief in the correctness inspired and led a army of colleagues and co-religionists. Of course, this was the cause of many deaths, but we will not fall into such extremes.

The point you understand that you yourself have to believe in what they say. All your dark weak heart.

8. He knew how to present herself

Volan de mort was a great public speaker. He had a terrible charisma during their student years, and in adulthood it helped to find him a loyalty and recognition from the students of Slytherin. They later became the main component of his army.

The belief goes hand in hand with good self-promotion. You need to «keep face» to play a role, to observe the ridiculous stereotypes and rules until, until you begin to build your own. In the end, if you have a nose and a full head of hair, you have defeated the Dark Lord! Congratulations, man!


9. He had his own style

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_epRtB0Rtj7qqaVolan de mort strictly adhere to the chosen dress code and attributes, preferring the color black, snakes and skulls.

I don’t think the death eaters would have continued to support him so much if he suddenly exchanged them cool raincoats with hoods on the soft felt hat and checkered flannel shirt.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Know your own leadership style and seize it.

10. He was creative

Marvolo Tom riddle (Tom Marvolo Riddle) = Lord Volan-de-mort (Lord Voldemort). The creativity is off the charts. Do not forget about the methods that helped him survive: the blood of a unicorn and colorful turbans.

To be a successful leader, you have to think outside the closet under the stairs. Don’t shut yourself in, look for new ideas and open your horizons! If you close the door, look for the ladder to break the window. There is always a solution! Let this knowledge firmly in your mind, as love for Dumbledore’s woolen socks.


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