Leadership lessons from «Game of Thrones»

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_UHeafcZhNOLlN«Game of Thrones» is a TV series from HBO based on the books by George Martin, became a real cultural phenomenon, which has millions of fans and national recognition from various critics.

«Game of thrones» is not just a fascinating plot, lots of sex scenes and cool Tits. We love this series for the epic fights, the profound dialogue, intriguing characters with complex and contradictory characters. In the universe of the Seven Kingdoms is full of lessons that we spread daily life: betrayal, deceit, difficulty in relationships, and, of course, lessons in leadership.

Here are a few valuable lessons from the best and worst leaders of Westeros.

1. Trust with caution

Be very careful in choosing the person you can trust. In the «Game of Thrones» about it again: do not trust anyone or take a chance. And die. But even if your life is not in danger, it is useful reminder that it is impossible to provide too much information to people you are not very familiar. Especially when it comes to managing or promoting your company or a joint business.

But on the other hand, trust is a key factor in ensuring a healthy working environment, because no one can lead the team, not trusting anyone. So clearly define for yourself, who can you trust yourself, and someone, on the contrary, to ingratiate himself to achieve his goals.

«I swear to you, sitting on a throne is a thousand times harder than to win it» — Robert Baratheon.

2. Show me an example

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_OykTKAZ8SPOAqNed stark is known that he was a just and noble man in the whole series. We will not remember, what it led to. His character is another good example of what qualities are essential for true leadership.

Eddard stark always has in mind what he says and does what he has in mind. Words also faithfully serve him as its sword, no matter how unpleasant you can be. A real leader — one who can be a role model in all spheres and situations of life. You have to be the embodiment of what you demand from others.

«The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword» — Eddard «Ned» stark.

3. Know your strength

Work.com.ua_24.09.2014_4QBfIiO7Y4O1YTyrion Lannister may and has little growth, but this does not prevent him to perfectly control the ball, being behind the scenes. His amazing ability to see facts from a different angle, a different light makes it one of the most colorful and interesting characters in the show. Despite the fact that all his life he suffered humiliation and insults, his mind has a sharpness, intelligence and ability to think analytically and critically.

He was moved by the incredible strength of will that somehow reconciles it with the surrounding reality.

As a leader, Tyrion should inspire you to find your own strengths to further their skill use to your benefit. Focus on what you do really well and develop these skills.

«Never forget who you are, because the world certainly won’t forget it. Make it your strength. Don’t let it become a weakness. Wear it like armor and nobody can hurt you» — Tyrion Lannister.

4. Be steadfast in their beliefs

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_Lzb45yedvxfsNThe manipulator, strategist and a cruel ruler with an iron hand, Tywin Lannister, tells you not to stand on their principles.

He rules based on what he thinks is right, never allowing you to doubt the correctness of their judgments. Do not go to these extremes, take the General idea and adapt it in a modern way: as a leader, you have to make a decision for the good of all and not just yourself. Don’t let personal whims to pull the whole team down.

«Leo isn’t going to be the opinion of sheep» — Tywin Lannister.

5. Know yourself price

Work.com.ua_24.09.2014_DXvH2l9AeIygoDaenerys, Mother of Dragons, knows a lot about not only bearded ducks brutal and raw delicacies of the horses: she always knew what he wants and what he deserves. This delicate charming lady never underestimated themselves and to get involved in any trouble, despite the lack of skills, knowledge or abilities. The army is needed, but no skill of the commander of the regiment? Make friends with the Dothraki!

As a leader you must practice faith in himself that others began to believe and follow you. As the Mother of Dragons knew its originality, so you do not detract from its value, desires, and ambitions. The scope is only in your head.

“I’m no ordinary woman. My dreams come true.» — Daenerys Targaryen.

6. Take over the command

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_QquraoMBXcTOSIn the last season of «Game of Thrones» Jon snow has brought his leadership skills and what he anything and knows, at least, experts in military Affairs and strategy. He is noble, wise, and compassionate. Using his leadership qualities, he is without fear and doubt fought with the Wild and struggled with internal divisions in the male sentinel group.

A true leader knows how to lead others into battle, not leading to this. Wake the labour resources of their subordinates through motivation and trust.

«I am the Watcher on the wall» — Jon snow.

7. Expand your knowledge

manygoodtips.com_24.09.2014_3nnPcMOvah50fPetyr Baelish has a very humble origin but thanks to his knowledge of human nature, he became one of the most powerful officials in the Seven Korolevstvo. Knowledge brings respect, fame, money.

«Knowledge is power» — Petyr «Littlefinger» Baelish.

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