Le 37 Grammes — light French than

Le 37 Grammes — light French than

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We have in «Inventory» was already a very lightweight knife . And there was the knife from Baladeo company. Today’s knife ultralight and also from this noble French company which was born in the mid-nineties.

This, as you can guess from the name, weighs only 37 grams. Although at 37 he is not your looks at all (rhyme line). It was awarded in 2010 with one Association for a better design that is an indicator. Incidentally, we also have never seen a more attractive knife. Looks nice, nothing to say. A thin insert of striped wood gives the knife a peculiar charm, it also comes with beautiful handle made of stainless steel. The lock and locking system protects against unpleasant surprises, reliably securing the blade in place. Clip from the back side will help to consolidate rejik on your belt.

The blade has, by the way, the original form that resembles a straight razor. And razor, as we know, a priori harsh. This knife is worth 42 dollars.

37 Grammes1134612236

37 Grammes0430527848

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