Lay in a course for #33 – Plateau Divnogorie

Lay in a course for #33 – Plateau Divnogorie

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2014_MU47LT4XdCFRfWe know that yesterday you didn’t sleep not because of his hot girlfriend backyard, not due to another club, but because you got itchy feet itch, because until the end of the year there is too little time, and you have not kept the promise made at the beginning of 2014: to travel and to learn something new and interesting. We cannot remain indifferent to your bitter fate… So where do we send you today? Don’t worry, not too far away. Pack up your toothbrush, get a passport and order a taxi to the nearest station: we’re going to the Central region of European part of Russia – in Voronezh oblast.

Plateau of the same name – a place of amazing natural beauty and architectural and historical monuments, where you can find plenty to do, from tours of ancient temples and ruins to extreme descent down the river. The plain lies at the intersection of the rivers don and Quiet Pine in the Voronezh region, where in 1988 he founded the Museum which was erected to the status of state natural architectural-archaeological Museum-reserve in 1991. Its name to the plateau, with a total area of more than 11 km2, owes the chalk pillars, the centuries-old giants, which due to their steep slopes are practically not subjected to the destructive forces of nature. The locals called these pillars «Virgins», a miracle, and those travelers who have visited these parts, I can’t deny this feature. The first mention of this place dates back to 1389, when Smolianin Ignatius, the author of two processions, accompanying the Metropolitan Pimen of Moscow to Constantinople, described this land as: «Prilikom to the Quiet pines and we saw pillars of white stone, wondrously well, and the red stand by, thou Stasi small, white and bright exceedingly, over the river above the Pine».

For the sake you know, the climate in the Central region of European part of Russia is quite dry and hot, but despite this, the reserve is inhabited by rare animals and unique plants grow, some of them listed in the Red book. Plateau of the same name famous for its chalk churches are located in caves, built in the XVII century. For example, the Church of the Sicilian icon of the Mother of God, St. John the Baptist Church, Svyato-Uspensky Divnogorsky monastery, the remains of a medieval fortress and necropolis and later structures – Mackie Mayatsky settlement and pottery complex of the IX—X centuries will interest you in any case, as amazing architectural monuments, even if you’re lukewarm about religion. But the real gem is Kostomarovsky Spassky female monastery, which was built even before the official adoption of Christianity in Russia. If you rest in these places, be sure to visit the caves Large and Small Diva. Large Diva is a two – storey cave inside the limestone mountains, where a Church was founded, Small and Diva do not have a strong architectural differences from the older brother, just these caves are smaller and a bit more intimate and secluded.


manygoodtips.com_7.11.2014_0xzlb1276PBSkThe entrance to the Museum-reserve is free, he is under the open sky, but hours need to know in advance. If you want to visit the archaeological Park and cave temples, in advance agreed about the tour. Tour of the temple, of course, paid. The best time of year to travel to these places is considered to be spring, when themed exhibitions, historical events, craft workshops, performances and festivals. If you were waiting for journey with exceptional intimacy with nature, you can pitch a tent on the territory of the coastal zone. Here you can build fires, swim and fish. All this will be delivered to any resident of the dusty metropolis a lot of fun, especially if you are accompanied by a warm and pleasant company. Plus, you can rent a kayak and paddle down the river Quiet Pine.

How to get there:

The plateau is located 80 km South of Voronezh. To get to these places will not be easy, no matter what transport you choose. From Voronezh to Divnogorie go train, the only negative – will have to change trains at the station «Liski» and «143 km». Platform latest are located within walking distance from the administrative building of the Museum-reserve, which is also a starting point of your tourist route on the edges. The bus will also have to get a transfer in Liski, from there to Divnogorie flights depart regularly. If you went on a trip to his car, the way from Voronezh to the final destination is 150 km (from Moscow – 650 km) on the Federal highway M4 (route E115).



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