Lay in a course for #32 – Tomsk

Lay in a course for #32 – Tomsk

manygoodtips.com_24.10.2014_1iBPKh8CWX6vtThis autumn (12 September) Tomsk celebrated 410 years. Why you should visit the oldest city in Western Siberia? First, you know, go bears with balalaikas in the streets of the city, second, feel in their own skin a special atmosphere and are surprised by the beauty of the local architecture. Many people who were not even in Tomsk, it is the place associated with wooden architecture. In fact, the houses built a few centuries ago, you can see a restored view of the Central streets of the city. Most often, the Tomsk compare with St. Petersburg through the «narrow streets» and «courtyards». And this is no coincidence: in 1824, the planning of city development on Tom was involved in the St. Petersburg city planner William Hastie.

In Tomsk region it is customary to read the story. For example, one of the best hotels named in honor of Prince eushtinsky Tatars Toyan, who in the distant 1604 appealed to the authorities of the Russian Kingdom, with a request for the construction of Ostrog on the Tom river. By the way, «Toyan» is located at the foot of the Voskresenskaya hill – the place where Tomsk was founded. To stay in this hotel for a modest sum will not work, so just start with him exploring the city.

A couple of minutes walk and you are on Lenin square (where without it?). The monument to the leader of the world proletariat in the center of the square indicates the Drama theatre. This is to some extent a reminder of the severe culture shock that occurred in the city during the second half of 1960-ies. In Tomsk moved many artists, poets and other artists, opened an ice rink «Palace of shows and sports» (and now comes here regularly Stas Mikhailov…).

manygoodtips.com_24.10.2014_r7Y14cHWHrxG8As has been said, Tomsk is located on the banks of the river Tom. The promenade is another historical place: here you will find the monument to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, told about the city the following:

«Tomsk copper penny is not worth a Boring town… and the people here priscacara the Town drunk… Mud… impassable at the Inn maid, giving me a spoon, wiped it on the backside… the Dinners are excellent, unlike women, hard to the touch…»Statement was made over 130 years ago, in this time in Tomsk has changed (not all, but changed!). Actually, on the waterfront, you can walk into a restaurant, which so pleased Anton Pavlovich, or go on a boat trip around Tom, there are beautiful views.

A little further is another historically important place – the monument to Alexander Pushkin. The poet himself had never been to Tomsk, but some of his friends-Lyceum students become residents and are engaged in creative activities. The monument is located near the Central Department the registry office, so many young families make their first joint photo with him.

manygoodtips.com_24.10.2014_iDnl7NXeZLjBiNext stop, the stadium «Trud». If you are a connoisseur of football, must have seen the horse in the emblem of FC «Tom». This element is borrowed from the coat of arms of the Tomsk region – a symbol of carting, which was the main income of the population in the eighteenth century. Then Tomsk was the center of Moscow-Siberian tract and an important trade link. However, with time this aspect has lost importance during the construction of the TRANS-Siberian railway to Tomsk was launched a dead end. Poorly developed infrastructure caused the outflow of people to neighboring regions, about 20 years, the region experienced a period of «stagnation». Nowadays transportation problems are solved in the Tomsk gradually (as in the whole of Russia), but you can come here for literally anything!

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2014_rZ94DXOQxjRSNNearby is a symbolic place for the students of the city – the square Novosobornaya. Tomsk has long been considered one of the student in Russia: almost 22 educational institutions, including 6 universities of the state standard of education and 14 branches and representative offices of foreign educational institutions. After the fall of the 50-ies of many sectors in Tomsk started from scratch – the oil industry, nuclear power, construction industry. Today all these areas are developing the scientific potential of the region. You can verify this by visiting the Tomsk scientific research centers and business incubators. According to statistics, every fifth resident is a student, so there are a lot of young and ambitious citizens. To study in Tomsk seeking not only to high school graduates from all over the country, and foreign applicants.

Currently Tomsk is recognized as an innovative center of Siberia: the constant scientific conference and business presentation create a useful information field for startups, and for the «monsters» of the market.

The cultural life of the city is also imbued with the spirit of youthfulness. Local bands play in noisy pubs, Comedy shows, club parties – all this with his usual provincial hospitality and for a very reasonable price. Enough to spend about 5 thousand rubles, to be fed and rested in Tomsk. And the rest – as far as the soul unfold!

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