Lay in a course for # 24—Pillars of Weathering

Lay in a course for # 24—Pillars of Weathering

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_EcA2N4qEFW6aDToday we are going to get you very far, getting there is not easy, but worth it. The course lies in the Komi Republic, in a very strange place — the Pillars of weathering.

Pillars of weathering (Mansi fools) — a unique geological monument in Trinity-Pechora region of the Komi Republic on mount man-Pupu-ner (in Mansi language means «Small mountain of idols»), located at the confluence of the rivers Pechora and Icollege.

Pillars of Weathering are considered as one of the seven wonders of Russia and with these places is associated with numerous legends, as they are ritual objects of worship of the cult of Muncie is a small indigenous population of the Northern Urals, lives far from civilization.

Seven ancient stone sculptures in height from 30 to 42 m. able to amaze and cause awe even the most cynical and impenetrable hearts. And if you add to the overall picture of the absolute loneliness of these places, you can imagine how quiet and pristine clean in these places. Here, as nowhere else in your head comes the realization that time is just a Convention and all we are is dust dancing in the whirlpools of infinity.

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_hHcZUoRG9f3glAbout 200 million years ago the site of Mansi Boobs stood majestic mountains. Millennia had passed. Hell, torrential rain, bitter cold and snow storms eventually destroyed them, and especially the weak breed. Solid-sericiculture shales, which are composed of Pillars of weathering (or third name this unique natural phenomenon, outliers) was less destroyed and have been preserved to our days, and soft rocks were destroyed by weathering and demolished by wind and water in lower relief.

Exactly hence the name – the Pillars of weathering. The beauty and grandeur of these places is able to capture the imagination of not depending on seasons. In the winter, the Boobs are covered with snow and frost, and grows into a huge fancy crystal statues, white and completely motionless, glistening in the rays of the mountain sun. Autumn brings these places thick milky fog, Columns looming through the haze, a strange, huge and a bit eerie, silhouettes.

To get to the scene pretty hard on a trip like this is often solved only seasoned grated rolls. But such voluntary tests prepared by the shoots out of the comfort zone, boring, but exciting adventures, and we check, jelly or fire, the blood that flows through our veins.

Boobies live in remote, difficult terrain. There are three ways to get to their «home».

The easiest way to do it. If you have rubbed blisters on his hands, because every day with a shovel so they could make money, get a helicopter tour (though the weather is not always favorable to tourists, not all cat carnival, as they say).

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_ttE5RfewyNyegFor mere mortals and desperate, there are two route options – from the Komi Republic and the Sverdlovsk region. In the Komi Republic you first need to get to the district center Troitsko-Pechorsk. To him there is a train from Syktyvkar. Then on the road to the village of Yaksha, which will need to agree on how to throw up Ilych by motor boat, which is almost 200 (!) kilometers.

Over the crossing is recommended to negotiate with the administration of the Pechora-Ilych nature reserve. Well, then you will have a great opportunity to stretch your legs and petrified ass, after doing Hiking in a very scenic… it’s another 38 km.

No hotels. Only canned food, canned meat and condensed milk, guitar songs, tents, and the struggle for soft mugs, which are so nice to wipe your ass.

March on the man-Pupu-ner (name plateau) from the Sverdlovsk region are much more long and difficult. So, the second option, compared to the first, just a relaxing evening stroll or promenade. So, first you need to drive to the town of Ivdel (can be reached by bus or train from Yekaterinburg). In the Ivdel on the basis of the MOE it is possible to agree with the getting to the all terrain vehicle to the river Auspii. Cost is not cheap, but cheaper than by helicopter.

Once you arrive, you need to go along the river Auspii to the West about 20 kilometers, then climb to the infamous Dyatlov pass and walk along the ridge to the North another 75 miles. Go easy, because the mountains are composed of rock glaciers. Imagine, you kill two birds with one stone by visiting the famous and ominously amazing places, seeing firsthand the territory in which unfolded a terrible and tragic event. In good weather, the pillars can be seen even from afar. They stand on a small ridge parallel to the main.

The pillars have a bizarre shape and angles may resemble the head of a horse or a sheep, then the inverted bottle, the giant figure of a giant. They say that the stone statues to even change your location. Actually, of course, they are just easily confused because of their changing forms. But the opinion of the people Mansi has always differed radically from the views of geologists.

With the pillars of weathering associated with numerous legends, the first Poles of Weathering were the objects of worship Mansi. One of them is described in the book of the Professor of the Faith Varsanofieva «Life of mountains»:

«Voguls, wandering here with their herds of reindeer, tell that these stone pillars were once seven giant Samoyeds, who walked through the mountains to Siberia in order to destroy the Vogulsky people. But when they climbed to the summit, now called man-Pupu-ner, their leader — shaman saw Yalping-ner — Vogulsky sacred mountain. Horrified, he threw his drum, which fell on a high conical peak rising to the South of man-Pupu-inequality and called Coupom what it means to Vogulsky drum. And the shaman and all his companions were petrified with fear.»According to another legend, six mighty giants pursued one of the tribes Mansi, leaving for stone belt of Ural mountains. The origins of the Pechora river in the pass giants almost caught up with the tribe. But they blocked the path of the shaman small white as lime, face and turned the giants into six stone pillars. Since then, every shaman of the tribe Mansi necessarily come in the Holy gorge and drew from him his magical powers.

When you get to the point, try to learn your powers and you, because the road was long and difficult, and only such a harsh and unbending traveler like you could with honor to cope with such adventure.



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