Last chance to motivate yourself

manygoodtips.com_10.05.2016_coRHdT6UJ1DVhThere are hundreds of books that talk about how to find motivation for businesses large and small, there are thousands of websites that talk about the same, and one of them – we really try, you know that. The source of motivation is the subject of study of many people, and it is usually extremely individual. This is the mystery which is hidden somewhere in the depths of our psychology. But what if the desire dies in the Bud? What if the thoughts should not be the case? How do you start to motivate yourself, when all seems lost forever, and the forces already there? You know, there are only five correct ways, and if they don’t work, you will have to rely on a miracle, and miracles we don’t believe.

1. Award

Is it just. For example: «I can drink a mug of strong ale in the bar around the corner, if you finish your work before 16:00». A small bonus, which gives confidence in their abilities. Unfortunately, the method has its drawbacks: for example, if there is no discipline, you can take that mug of beer without any of the work performed, and the bonus is converted into redundancy. Try to be honest when you are awarded, otherwise it will be a spectacle that not even you will enjoy. It would be nice to find a friend, maybe a colleague who will share with you this method of motivation, in this case to control yourself will be easier.

2. Fear

manygoodtips.com_10.05.2016_MrDXBfQ4aZjCFWho said that fear is bad? In fact it is one of the most important emotions, which paradoxically moves humanity to a brighter future. Fear gave us the weapons and we disarmed (remember the Cuban missile crisis), the fear created seat belts, locks on doors, refrigerators, trains, even diet food – half of what you now use. This is not surprising, because we are all scared, although not admit it: we’re afraid of hunger and cold, afraid to seem strange, feminine or stupid. Despite the fact that fear is clearly a negative emotion, we need it. This is the flip side of rewards, remember the carrot and stick. Fear of uncertainty – that can hit us in the head to get us to move, to move his limbs, to finally get out of the circles of hell, in which, perhaps, we were not on their own.

3. Achievements

Steel motivation, which is difficult to forge. Achievements should be really achievements, it is impossible to praise yourself for washing dishes – it’s just a routine duty performed by every bachelor. You cannot praise yourself for the mediocre cooking dinner, because everyone dinner, if you’re not a guy from Somalia. But you can always praise myself for the fastest pizza making to try to set a record to turn it into a game. Add complexity to their daily routine, and then they will seem more interesting and important. So, there is a certain self-delusion, but such delusion will do you good. Let washing dishes, drunk not quite an impressive achievement (and plates can fight), but it is at least interesting and more fun. But about the real victory we have to tell you won’t, because after all, they mean a spiritual reward, they speak for themselves.

4. Growth

manygoodtips.com_10.05.2016_m6ayo8ALgDr2lSome activities imply a continuous development of skills. If you do no development, nothing pleasant from the case you will ever take. You can’t buy yourself a guitar and within three years only know three chords, a couple of songs Butyrki, right? But if your guitar game is constantly improving, and you know it, the love for music will never fade. This applies to mental and physical labor: even if you know that your knowledge on the job is enough to gain a foothold in the place and be a valuable employee, you must not stop. You can always be better, learn more theory, try out new methods to increase their productivity – all of which help you become your place, to rise in the post or at least acknowledge their superiority that will allow one to stand firmly on his feet. Perfection.

5. My respect!

The most tasty morsel, especially for the proud and haughty.

And do not be shy: we all want approval, words of admiration and support. To achieve it it is uneasy, after all, to impress strangers, you should first contact the people of his circle. If you don’t respect people who you have to love and respect, what sense at all to say about the outsiders? Of course, if you do in your life is not done, it will be difficult to find someone who will admire such a bum. But the rapture are not only feats, but also stuff like the ability to show the primitive magic tricks or playing glasses. It would seem that in life, these skills are useful, but they can be surprised, and if you’re lucky, you’ll feel the warm feeling whispering in your ear, «you’re not a loser, you will succeed!»

From such details depends on many things in our lives, but they are in the door never knocks. They should be searched among the darkness of failure, of the ordinary grey stone, which made houses of our cities. But if your search is successful, you will find that source of power that will fuel your achievements all your life.

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