Large aircraft large aircraft

Large aircraft – large aircraft. Not just the Boeing 737, Tu-154, but is really huge colossus, those who are able to capture the imagination of its functionality and ground. Therefore, your attention is invited to a small dip in a large aircraft. The biggest planes of its kind.

Tupolev ANT-20 «Maxim Gorky»

Length: 33 m;

Wingspan: 63 m;

Crew: 20 persons;

Number of passengers: 60-70 people;

Max. in-flight speed: 275 km/h;

Range: 1000 km;

Max. takeoff weight: 53 T.

Built in honor of the 40-year anniversary of literary activity of Maxim Gorky ANT-20 with 8 engines and a wingspan of 61 meters was the largest aircraft of its time. Inside the wing was located, to think, space to dream, and in the Central part of you could find a printing lab and even a library. I hate to say, terribly tired of this phrase, but… the Library, Carl! A real floating city!

It was assumed that the aircraft will be used in a wide range of areas: from broadcast (and not only) campaign to the entertainment of passenger flights. However, in reality everything turned out differently. May 18, 1935 accident, in which a single instance of plane crashed and the entire crew with 35 passengers on Board died. Neither the ANT-20 or its modification never entered production.

Hughes H-4 Hercules

Length: 66,45 m;

Wingspan: 97,54 m;

Crew: 3 person;

Number of passengers: 750 people;

Max. speed in flight: 565 km/h;

Range: 5634 km;

Max. landing weight: 180 t

So far it is the largest seaplane in history with the largest wingspan of 98 meters, well, among other things, the largest wooden plane. Made him Howard Hughes, the one played by DiCaprio in «the Aviator.» It was created during the Second World war, and for war. But intended to transport 750 soldiers in full gear across the Atlantic, «Hercules» never once crossed the ocean and stayed in a single instance.

He even made a trial take-off and successful, but Hughes all have increased it to the size of his ego, as the us government less and less eager to Fund such an expensive project. And the cost of it has grown by leaps and bounds, and there was no money. By the way, wood was only a prototype. «Spruce Goose» as it was called. Although it was made from birch. Such exotic for aviation material was chosen due to limitations imposed martial law in which the state’s economy relative to the metals, especially aluminum, there was a shortage.

An-225 «Mriya»

Length: 84 m;

Wingspan: 88,4 m;

Crew: 6 people;

Number of passengers: 88 people accompanying the goods;

Max. speed in flight: 850 km/h;

Range: 15400 km;

Max. takeoff weight: 640 t

The legendary An-225 is objectively recognized as the largest and heaviest aircraft ever made by man. The pride of Soviet aviation, still did not create anything as epic. «Mriya» (translated as «dream»), which carries several Armored vehicles, wagon trains and other heavy weights, makes an impression, comparable to Godzilla that attacked the town. Very majestically.

Flying is a miracle already since December 1988. At first it was supposed to be used for transportation of spacecraft «Buran», but after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the need for it anymore. How, in fact, in the «Buran». Neither Russia nor Ukraine flying monster did not need up to 2000-ies. Then the «Dream» was restored, and one of a kind working copy of the An-225 now operated by Ukraine for commercial purposes. The only thing but what!

The Airbus A-380-800

Length: 73,1 m;

Wingspan: 79,75 m;

The crew: 2 persons;

Number of passengers: 853 persons (in one-class configuration);

Max. speed in flight: 1020 km/h;

Range: 15200 km;

Max. takeoff weight: 575 T.

The largest commercial passenger aircraft (airliner) in the world. Heavy, beautiful, reliable – what more need for happiness? So the airline decided that nothing, and use it as much since 2007. In any case, a worthy replacement of the old Boeing 747 models. KB Airbus was actively told that in the construction widely applied to composite materials to reduce the weight of aircraft. With this aircraft faster, more modern, more economical and generally flies.

An-124 «Ruslan»

Length: 69,1 m;

Wingspan: 73,3 m;

Crew: 8 people;

Number of passengers: 28 people;

Max. speed in flight: 865 km/h;

Range: 16500 km (without load);

Max. takeoff weight: 392 t

The legendary design Bureau famous for its giants. More «Dreams» somebody’s mother and Hulk Hogan, however, has a more liquid character. Pride aircraft is good, but all the loads in one plane does not move. For this purpose there is a powerful «Ruslan». At the moment it is the largest operated military aircraft in the world. First, «Ruslan», intended for the transportation of military equipment and personnel. However, it is now also used for civilian purposes, for transportation of any oversized cargo that are in close contact with the world gravity. He’s capable of even building, even steel balls Jason Statham move. So, in 2011, «Ruslan» transported from Canada to Ireland a locomotive weighing 109 tons. Abroad anything more powerful is not created. The much-vaunted «loshadi» inferior tonnage. The real pride of the Soviet aviation since 1982.

An-22 «Antey»

Length: 57,31 m;

Wingspan: 64,40 m;

Crew: 5-7 people;

Number of passengers: 28 people accompanying the goods/290 soldiers/202 wounded/150 paratroopers;

Max. speed in flight: 650 km/h;

Range: 8500 km (without load);

Max. takeoff weight: 225 t

About this old Titan (first flight already dates back to 1965) to say. It is inferior to their legendary counterparts from Antonov design Bureau, but this is the first Soviet wide-body aircraft, which is still the largest in the world in the category of aircraft with turboprop engines. Despite some obsolescence, they are still happy to use in Russia and Ukraine. Not all «Ruslana» fly, the more the machine is reliable.

The most amazing thing in this plane is its name. Agree, it’s silly to call the flying colossus in honor of the Titan that Hercules won, tearing from the ground. By the way, «Hercules» – the nickname given to an American military transport aircraft Lockheed C-130. Delicate situation in the period of the arms race.

Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Length: 48.5 m;

Wingspan: 56.4 m;

Crew: 5 people;

Number of passengers: crew;

Max. speed in flight: 1047 km/h;

Range: 16232 km (without load);

Max. takeoff weight: 220 t

Well, what everything without the legendary «Stratospheric fortress». In honor of this lethal colossus even called alcoholic shot that is said about it weighty in all senses of importance to the story. For the first time the machine took to the skies in 1952 and still serves the needs of the U.S. air force. One of the largest strategic missile-carrying bomber, the B-52 was intended to deliver thermonuclear bombs in any point of our with you, by the way, of the country. And not in order to boast and give touch. However, over time, has undergone several modifications and has become multifunctional. After the start of operation was used in almost all military campaigns of the USA and was tainted by frequent nuclear tests. In addition to bombs, has missiles with laser guidance, making the elder even worse.

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