Laptop HP Chromebook 14-q002er

manygoodtips.com_10.07.2014_ERsuOTK9PCiRFAt first glance, the laptop makes a good impression, even though it looks more like a netbook. But beautiful and colorful design make their case and it is likely that you would have noticed in the window where you would lay this Chrome.

HP 14-q002er running Chrome OS, if you’re a fan of tools from Google, it is possible for you, this fact will play an important role is undeniable.

This laptop is equipped with a display high definition (HD) display with a diagonal of 35.56 cm (14 inches). Dual core processor with a frequency of 1.4 GHz and RAM 2 GB sounds not so convincing as we would like. Thanks 3G modem and 100 GB space in the cloud Google Drive, you can automatically sync your data and stay connected where ever you are. However this is possible with the time constraints — 5 hours, well, it’s only in sleep mode.

Alternatively, you can carry the gadget with a weight of 1.9 kg and use it as needed, so as not to waste battery power.

Note that in this krombeke differently identified a number of the usual function keys and missing VGA port and a DVD.

You should purchase this in chrome if you’re greedy for the stylish design, if you need a laptop only for the Internet (he actually created), if you need a small gadget to always stay connected, but is not designed for this smartphone?

So, a small price (16990r.)captivating inexperienced consumer. But it is not expensive only if you compare, for example, Sony VAIO Pro, but for its class and equip HP 14-q002er is consistent with the presented price.

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