If you have a laptop and you’re used to sitting in it at the table, on the couch, you probably know how it gets hot when it warms up. It is also said that because of the heating of the laptop is bad dudes to keep him close to their eggs. So, if you are faced with this problem, but for some reason haven’t bought a special stand, and prefer instead to use comprehensive English-Russian dictionary, this has got to stop. Put the dictionary back on the shelf, and he go in my makeshift Studio and get to work on the author’s lap.

1. You need

  • bars with a width of 4 centimeters;
  • threaded screws – 4 pieces;
  • band saw or jig saw;
  • drill press or a cordless drill.

2. Let’s start

For a start mark on the tree outline, which will be cut. You need the bars 30 x 4 cm. All this in order to cut a smooth blank with a band saw, which you, of course not. So you can easily replace it with a jigsaw.

3. Actually left a bit

After cutting out the parts, can get them good and polished. Now make holes for the screws and immediately fill the holes with the same screws.

4. The finishing touches

Now, when you connect all the details can again a bit to Polish a ready-made stand for your laptop.

Of course, you don’t have to stop there. You can cover the stand varnish or paint. You are not small, needs to handle it himself. In any case, you already have the original stand, but still did not better her on my balls.

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