Ladies and gentlemen, Quentin, Dupie!!!

Sad, shaggy, unshaven similar to Nikolay Noskov (nick, is that You?!)… Watch and understand a real artist. This is not a sleek musketeer, not Alain Delon, but a genius in the measure of unhealthy absurd. Although in fact anyone who tries to do something different, destined for the honorary medal «the fool of the decade». French artists – it’s not graceful, clean-shaven Prim and proper villains. Here you don’t «Bonjour, La jour, of pensilva. Pitoresk mercy, suck.» Here often unshaven, uncouth, but very thin more alcohol, less drug of the soul. Nevertheless, it is a normal, friendly type. He just has very correct from the point of view of the Creator.

Idiocy is a fact of life.You don’t know who Quentin, Dupie? Blatant injustice! However, you must have heard of his alias.

First you need to decide who he is – Mr. Uazoy or Quentin, Duple. (Yes, this is one and the same person!) Let’s still, Duple. First, it sounds solemn, like fan-Fan the Tulip. Second, not all projects are released under the pseudonym bird. Mr Oizo – it is, rather, the materialization of musical genius, Duple. Like any normal man of the Renaissance that lives in the epoch of decomposition, it is difficult to realize themselves in one particular area. Fortunately, he’s both great at it. And on top of that he is also a producer, DJ, Director, writer, cinematographer, composer and editor. As one my comrade: «Quentin, Dupe is never too much!»

Its way to General recognition of the child of the Parisian neighborhoods with good educated family began back in 1997. He hadn’t filmed a movie. Duple glorified it Monsieur Uazoy, demonstrating to the world something called «Flat Beat». After a week, students from around the world include the track on full power, so with shelves of books fell. Monotone-rhythmically-the magic track did not require drugs or alcohol to plunge into a lengthy frenzy. It’s pointless, why, because there is a clip. Duple come up with amazing character flat Eric. Yellow puppet, smokes sausages and sign the documents, largely determined the direction of creativity Quentin. However, the public, Dupe was not known, not everyone even knew that the Creator of this madness was Mr Oizo. But Erica knew everything, and even made a symbol in advertising denim brand Levi’s. Was engaged in company, of course, Dupie. The debut was so bright that called to the United Kingdom and the United States to remove commercials and videos.

However, in the life of any good boy from a good Parisian family after the success of a crisis. On the one hand, your music sounds from every TV, every car, every club and every radushnova nest. And Dupe very creative to adjust your body, creativity and fate solely on making money. Therefore, the problems started. After that, it was very difficult to do something new, to find the strength. In his youth, no one is willing to success. You can slip into narcomundo Morrison and Osborne, and can and does disappear from the radar. even their names no one will remember. Three or four years after that, he could not do anything to do, no music to write, no script, nothing.

Because it was painfully successful. If you quickly become successful, as a rule, begin get something to drive. It is better to do some underground things more true and sincere love. But the hit will do, and you all will look askance. Even my friends looked at me askance. But time passed, and I started this job to be proud of. I have a flat Eric and all that was done, made of improvised means. Invented the doll, removed the commercials and wrote the appropriate music. It was a great job. There’s no reason to be ashamed of.

But at the last moment returned the taste of life, and the ancient dream to make a movie, and even in his manner, came back and didn’t let go, like a acid trip don’t let a weak mind.

Duple, filmed as seen, because all the films went beyond the usual cinema: they are unusual, absurd, sarcastic, and there’s little blood and action. They are not designed for the General public. They even have a target audience no! They look absolutely normal people. This is not a movie for psychos, the one who thinks so, probably, and he feeds the life force haloperidol, and secretly records your webcam in dancing naked in the boyar. However, they may not like to cause hostility, boredom, misunderstanding. This is normal, with art that went beyond what was always the case, therefore, is a plaque of a certain elitism. Even sting with Vivaldi are not all like.

So, if in 10 minutes «Bus» or other masterpiece gives you the same emotions as the viewer with the grandmother of the festival «Slavic Bazaar», what the hell. Many hipsters who imagine themselves to be highbrow Bohemian, pierced it on the test with Dupe. Not like Quentin is not new… not to show off! However, most likely, the Director has himself metaphorically laughing at you. In his film «Bus» he even introduces them to the frame. They watch through binoculars, talking, comment events, complain of a boring story – scathing parody of those who come to the cinema not only to eat popcorn, but also to accompany the film its edifying and instructive comment. In the movie talkers painful deaths from poisoning – the gift personally from the author.

He doesn’t have a lot of movies, but you have to see them. In the «Change face» he delicately laughs at the legendary kinkade and techniques, convincing the viewer that they are not so brilliant. «Cinematic memes» approach with great care, and then vypisyvayut out. To one only of «a Clockwork orange» had to be sent back countless times.

In «the Bus» resurrected a car tire decides to avenge their fallen comrades and begins to destroy everything in its path. And removed it with the sauce, with such nonsense! 85 minutes wandering the bus in the frame. And that’s all! The tire the tire has played brilliantly. But Kannah her main prize did not get the beginners there is no love. And fans of music lovers will be pleased to hear synth-ambient, slow-disco, house, written, of course, Mr Oizo! Why would he go to the composers, if within his mortal flesh already have one.

And of course, «Wrong cops», although, in fact, it’s regular police. They are people too, and their intracranial cockroaches thrive on the specifics of the profession and the benefits of the «decadent West». Very satisfying in a film, I’ve been waiting for. In addition – impaled in gay porn a young man and «the great seducer», the molester and the Archduke of shocking Marilyn Manson in the role of a quiet, minors victims. What could be better? He Dupie about the film said the following:

«It’s just a stupid movie!»However, it is recommended to watch everything. And «Wrong,» the forerunner of «cops,» surrealism in its purest tones. And «Nefilim» – forty-minute epic excesses on the set with such a share of the absurd and Monty Python never dreamed of. And in his films starred his friend Eric Judor. Apparently, Quentin is a very nice person, if his friends are ready to play for free.

Despite the fact that its filming I have to fly to another part of the globe and you have to shoot for free, I just had to do it.

Eric JudorOnce Duple admitted that he wants «to make a free and more or less funny movie with a naive scenarios that seem Amateur, and represent a parallel but equally silly worlds.» One could not help thinking that the Director could sign under the words Gorin Munchausen that «all the nonsense on earth are made with a clever face…». That’s the clue quite a normal movie, seems crazy.

And now, a musical interlude! With Marilyn Manson, the same that appeared in Duple «Cops» and is a fan of the «Tires.»

Don’t forget about Mr. Uazoy! They say that his latest creations short as human gratitude. The word of the Creator:

Short? Well, if they are long, it is possible to get bored. And I hate repetition. You know what I mean by that? If you’re a DJ, do of my tracks with their own versions. Take 20 seconds off my track and make them «ring». Do something new out of my stuff.»Understood, Yes?!

Most of his songs are fun and intense at the same time. However, the goal is to make a deep impression on the listener. Not to construct some kind of bizarre musical form, and to do something special. According to his confession, the music is written spontaneously, on the principle of «what I like, and release». Just not a retread.

Music for me is just fun. I’m still more directed. And the music embodies my animal side.

By the way, as for the legendary flat Eric, his he fell in love with only recently. Above it was stated why. He even all the stretches very long. Only one painful transition from analog to digital equipment took 3 years, which, however, did not affect the quality. Although some believe otherwise.

It may seem that the «genius of guerrilla cinema» (another title in the Bank) not so many creatures. However, she’s only 41, he has a tremendous lot of time is spent on adaptation, and in parallel, he is engaged in 33. And this does not stop, it is constantly drawn to something new.

It is just a dream, but me is very exciting digital technology. So I would like to do some strange web site, do something interactive. The problem is that he won’t pull it, so you have to find the partner. It would be possible to mix all together: some experimental film, music, website. I always want more.On top of that, Dupe is one of the few active supporters of the movie available online, and don’t mind crying, but it is a logical injustice of his films in theaters do not show. On the other hand, not everyone will understand. It is in Cannes for the art and give awards, and we give for such waste. And why should they the man that even his tired liver loves «Monty Python» and masterpieces by John carpenter.

«Wrong cops» is not necessarily to watch in the cinema, there are no special effects, loud noise, and so on. Moreover, it is easy to watch with breaks, watch ten minutes, pause, then continue. I like this little world that we live with my little films. The cinema is no place for «Wrong cops.» Not enough explosions.Importantly, he was very well and does not dry out the creative fountain, because the world without Quentin, Dupe will be a little bit boring. Though he is very pathetic, but everything else is great guy. As told by his friend, the famous Michel Gondry: «He likes to buy expensive cars, and I – houses in the village, haha.» Good sense of humor. Nevertheless, look for online even one bad word about him from people of his inner circle – will not find. Here so good luck to him. The good guys need to do!

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