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I recently learned about Krav Maga. Rather, I used to heard about the martial art adopted by the Israeli army for training, but didn’t know what it’s called. Then something happened that I again heard about Krav Maga and decided to write about it.

Krav Maga is a mixture of unarmed combat and military self-defense. Worldwide Krav Maga is recognized as quite efficient and deserve their popularity, although the defense experts believe that Krav Maga in Russia and Ukraine the essence of complete heresy.

The history of Krav Maga, 22.07.2013, HGPsctuFP1G8kJHaaDIYoOCfS0r32d3B

«Krav Maga» in Hebrew means «close combat». Originally, Yes? This martial art traces its history from the 30-ies of the last century. Place: Czechoslovakia. The Creator of Krav Maga is considered to be a young Jewish guy by the name of Israel — the world-famous boxer, wrestler and gymnast. As you may have guessed, 30 years after Hitler came to power, Jews in Europe lived, to put it mildly, not sweet. So They are creating squads fighting the Jews, to protect the people from fascists and anti-Semites. The man quickly realized that the fight in the ring and fighting on the street — are different things and need to come up with something else. Lichtenfeld has combined all his knowledge about martial arts and moved the emphasis not on the attack, and the ambulance and decisively to neutralize the threat., 22.07.2013, Pqsh42Zuc134jV7BeEXIKk5TcHNeYErX

Already in 1940, they realized that around him there was no more decisive fighting the Jews, while Hitler looks at him with disapproval, so the man with a complicated fate and the family went to Palestine to defend Jewish people from any troubles. He joined the Haganah — Israeli militarized organization, which defended the Jews from the discontent of the indigenous inhabitants who are not very happy people in their country. The military leaders of Israel quickly noticed Their abilities and made him the main teacher of martial arts. They put him to lead the training of such an elite Israeli military forces like the Palmach (elite strike force), Palyam (marine special forces) and, in fact, already known to us, the Haganah., 22.07.2013, rKevN0jWvS4hKQo03PrcUk9ZZOMWk6jS

After gaining statehood in 1948, Israel thanked Lichtenfeld, making him the chief instructor of combat training and physical education in the school of the IDF. Then They created a system of Krav Maga. The essence of the system was to teach recruits the basics of hand-to-hand combat is simple and effective movements that will help them to cope with the enemy in a complex and deadly situations. They taught the recruits the basics of Krav Maga for three weeks. The basis of Krav Maga was a Boxing, Aikido, judo, wrestling and JIU-jitsu. Krav Maga is characterized by constant movement, unity of defense and attack, the attacks have mainly the soft tissues and weak points of the enemy. Krav Maga soon became the official martial art of Israel and remains with them until now., 22.07.2013, 3AOydj7FuO1FU791YYhNT1n0zHChdLSY

Them for another 20 years taught recruits in the army, and then retired, teaching Krav Maga Israeli civilians. Dude in 1974 even founded the Association of Krav Maga to emphasize that all of them seriously. A few disciples brought Krav Maga to America, where she began to train the police and some military units. Indeed, Krav Maga is not another garbage from the mountain, as I thought before., 22.07.2013, ob95HeX9pwI2l4tDGCgd532BF1ukFLDd

The principles of Krav Maga

Any normal martial art has its own principles. Otherwise it turns into a standard massacre, but we do not want it? It is worth noting that in recent years in Krav Maga fashion includes elements of Muay Thai.

To neutralize the threat

This is the basic principle. Without it — anywhere. If your life hangs in the balance, you will be guided by the laws of honor, right? The main goal is to bring the attacker down. Whatever’s necessary to save his life.


In Krav-Mata is no big deal. There are no rules of clothing, no code of conduct with the older belt. There’s only strikes, grabs and blocks, because the system is designed in such a way that she quickly learn and be able to quickly to use it., 22.07.2013, 6HdyXiDn16xxcOsgGfJVkUt3iC11Ua79

A quick transition from defense to attack

Many martial arts clearly distinguish between defense or attack. As a rule, first you defend, then attack. But not Krav Maga. Here it is necessary not only to repel the blow, but quickly to counterattack. This happens because of the principle: to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible. For example, if you aim for the throat, slam a shot and hit the eyes, groin or in the stomach.

Continuous movement, or Retzev

This is because you need to keep moving, counter attack and overwhelm the attacker with a barrage of strikes more painfully. And faster to stop the threat., 22.07.2013, aUJBZ1svzhOSc7PU5UtMH0RjM0tG1VFe

The ability to use the any weapon

As is traditional in our understanding of weapons such as firearms and any other weapon. But added to this is the use of weapons, which in fact is not the weapon that brings me back to vivid childhood memories of the movie «the Chinese policeman».

Training defense weapons

In addition, as a good knock foe something heavy, Krav Maga shows how this heavy properly defend themselves from the enemy.

Special attention to pain points and soft tissues

Usually Krav Maga terribly criticized, saying that it is not manly to beat your opponent in the balls. Incidentally, we think, too, and in this article wrote about it. For all these reasons the master answer that in a dangerous situation is not the time for morals, and time to hit vulnerable parts of the body.


In addition to the fast output of the system, Krav Maga pay special attention to the conquest of the implementation of the control of the attacker. All this takes place under the auspices of removing the danger.

Now look at a selection of the masters of this art form. Interesting, but Muay Thai as something spectacular will happen.

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