Knives for all occasions

Among the everyday objects that surround us, what stands out. Too specific in this subject the purpose is to cut and cut to pieces. The knife can be a weapon or tool, it all depends on the hands into which it falls, and from the situation. It is hoped that among our readers – only trustworthy people, that the fate of Charles Manson doesn’t seem one bit enviable, and so you’re going to use a knife in a completely different purpose than an Aztec priest of the cult of Quetzalcoatl. And so, with complete trust let’s start a story about various types of knives, variations of which are smaller than the teeth of a shark.

Flick knife

Flick knife – the weapon for those who love speed and triple speed of execution. The blade appears for a split second, literally one finger, which is very convenient for various contingencies.

These knives enough, so confused with their choice is impossible, only Microtech and Benchmade. Especially valuable «microeconomie» models Troodon, Scarab and Makora. Reliable, comfortable, with a blade made of steel 440 (which, incidentally, is used for rifle barrels). Moreover, the 440-I’m steel so powerful that the blade never loses its edge when heated to 1,000 degrees or the interaction with aggressive environments. These knives are guaranteed not to be revealed spontaneously in a bag, or worse, in the pocket.

Most importantly, the knives are certified in Russia and in the police classification is not held as a melee weapon, because the blade is shorter than 9 cm So quietly walk with him down the street, just don’t show anyone.

Hunting knife

Even if you are an ardent opponent of hunting, going into the woods, taking with him a hunting knife. It will help you survive if you get lost or encounter a dangerous animal.

The optimal hunting knife has the following dimensions: blade length – 10-14 cm, width of blade about 3 cm, the thickness of the butt – 3-4 mm, blade hardness – 58 HRC. Developed Garda, as in combat, he does not need compete to gut wild animals.

This knife should not crumble when hitting the bone, so this is the best type of steel – Damascus.

As in ancient times, hunting was not a pastime but a necessity, it has attached a sacred meaning, and therefore still at loggerheads portrayed strange silhouettes, running bunnies, and other scenes from the hunting life. By the way, before you give this knife the hunter, remember one wisdom: the more experienced the hunter, the shorter the blade so it is easier and not so hard to handle the carcass. In this case we strongly recommend you to pay attention to this remarkable instance with the speaking name «Lynx» steel KH12MF. This is a Prime example of a good hunting knife with a short blade and a comfortable handle. In General, such as dangerous as a predator, after which the knife got its name. It is convenient to finish off the animal and butchering the carcass, and cut off all unnecessary.

Combat knife

Harsh knife, the armament in the army, serves only to inflict wounds, is not compatible with a fun and carefree life. Everything else is secondary. Such blades are in service with various military structures, as well as in all decent countries the army do not spare the money, then the margin of safety in some «decent» knives such that they can sit down and cut something that is not chopped.

Combat knife is always a knife with a fixed blade, because the strongest folding knife is fixed.

Unlike household knife, combat is tuned exclusively for the stab. Cutting them is definitely possible, but the development of Garda seemed to hint that protects its owner’s hand from scratches and uncomfortable Sokalskyi during the murder of the sheep.

The length of the knife – from 22 to 32 cm Sheath combat knife designed to extract weapons in one hand and work silently. In addition, it has bilateral or one and a half grind blade.

Before you purchase this weapon, remember: it requires permission. Or you can buy something like a knife «Scout NR-40», «Cossack Bellies» or the Finnish «NKVD» and no steam. The fact that the knives presented on the website do not apply to melee weapons, which is confirmed by certificates. Steel they couldn’t be better. For example, «the Cossack» – clean Damascus, Fink – Damascus with Nickel silver, a «scout knife» – forged steel with a density of 59 HRC. And that you do not cut soft hands, knives primchatsya in a robust leather sheath. By the way, the last two are copies of knives, standing on the arms of the military and security forces since the second world war, so it is quite possible to present as a gift he enjoys the comrade.


The same Swiss army knife that dad gave you for a decade. Handy thing, everything clicks, and everything is at hand: awl, not to sit on the ground, blade to solve unsolvable problems, opener to solve mental problems, saw to was, corkscrew, not to make a fool of me in front of a lady, cross screwdriver, not to go to tool in the garage or another room, and clippers that will be needed in the most unexpected moment.

He has 3 credo on which multitool to choose: practicality, ease of carry (pay attention to case, discloses all the components), reliability. Well, of course, injury prevention, although there is more dependent on the hands of the owner.

Tourist knife

The tourists all at all: the wind, wild cattle, windbreaks, rain, snow. Once they chose a week for a hike, then nothing will not stop them. Accordingly, tourist knife needs to cope with everything: sticks to whittle, cans to open, fish processing is the need in the campaign tool. Someone will say that you can use the multitool but multitool axe will not replace but tourist knife can easily. Given that use it, as they say, in the tail and mane, it is more expedient to steel, stainless steel, and the handle plastic so any «dirty» work did not break the best friend of a tourist cold steel heart. Or, at least, very high quality wood.

Another «but»: tour knife must be capable to sharpen in field conditions, respectively, the steel must be softer, thus easily withstand the side and shock loads and have a relatively thick spine and wide blade.

Simply put, it is any comfortable, versatile knife with excellent sheath and a good steel, such as, for example, domestic «hard worker» – than «Beam» steel Elmax.

Folding knife

What can I say, the most popular knife that some have successfully replaced all of the above guns. For God’s sake, don’t be! Structurally knives are short blade, compact design. In parallel, it is as a tool for execution of auxiliary operations.

Perhaps, the most numerous kind of as knives of various designs, and on demand. By the way, the legendary «butterfly» can also be attributed to complex devices.

Throwing knife

The same knife that the sword in the target, to which is attached a spectacular miss. In fact – purely sporting equipment, so as to use it in self defense is silly. Well, why get rid of your only weapon? Although if you’re Danny Trejo, I do not dare to object. But the quiver of arrows is better: a lot of arrows, and than he can fly back.

From the usual throwing knife is different except that the center of gravity, which is located either exactly in the center of the knife, or offset to the blade. The blade of this knife typically extends toward the tip. And the arm is not fitted with a lining or stops for the fingers.

Perhaps the only knife that don’t need cutting edge (strokes, she paints) and high strength steel, because then what will turn the unnecessary patterns chips.

Kitchen knives

The ones that are not sharpened, the heroine of the song mitiaeva. Of course, the main tool in the kitchen, which gives the image of a furry chef in a dirty white cap need rigor. There are dozens of different types of kitchen knives, but so far we are in this article not going to go deep. Briefly say that the solution to domestic problems frequently, you can do three blades.

Knife Chef

This is a massive knife used for cutting meat, slicing veggies and other great work. Typically, the length of the blade of the chef knife is 20-25 cm, but can be more.

Knife for cleaning of vegetables and fruit

This knife convenient to carry out some minor work due to its small size and sharp tip. The blade length is 5-10 cm.

Knife for cutting bread

Thanks to senatoru this knife cuts bread perfectly, does not tear and not breaking it.

All the other intricate knives, such as knife for tomatoes, a knife designer, knife for cutting meat with bone and other specific facilities, for those who know.

Well, a couple of good words: the handle must be free of cracks or from plastic, or metal. Ceramic knives are also good, but about them another time.

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