Knife with Cutlery


We understand that in fact such sets have enough in Hiking shops, but we still want to write about an interesting multi-tool. In General,many derived sets, there is a drawback: spoon, fork and knife is removed from the box, and take out their accounts in turn. This has its disadvantages: you have or to wash Cutlery every time you change, or stick a dirty device under the body of the multitool. Both situations are bad. But this multitool is nice in the first place so that the spoon, fork and knife can be safely separated from each other, and use separately — and that’s cool, considering how it all saves space in the backpack.

This multi-tool successfully performs seven functions. First, it is already listed knife, fork and spoon. Look conveniently, a spoon, though not very. There is also a knife for canned food, corkscrew, bottle opener and screwdriver — sufficient set of features for any occasion.

Available convenient carrying case with a magnetic closure. Manufactured in Germany by German boys. Implemented for 25 euros for things.

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