Kill the bad mood before it kills you

how to overcome a bad mood

It happens to everybody.

You just in a bad mood. It is difficult to say when it started — probably Saturday when you slept, and you had big plans for Sunday, instead of which you all day cosplay zombarey, doing everything wrong. In those days haunts you felt like your IQ dropped 30 points below normal. You’re doing it wrong. Bad cook, bad talk, bad writing.

The work in this state is also not going well, even if you are just waiting for the easy cases. Immediately begins to want to go home, eat chocolate, lie down.

On the nature of things

Lucrezias I’m shit, about things I know little, but about the nature of a bad mood — a little more than nothing. Bad mood — the phenomenon strange. It’s like a drug that gets all your thoughts in a different direction and change your perception of the world. It makes the bad seem more and the good less. As if in a bad mood has its own gravity that pulls an inconvenience and annoying little things, not to mention the bad mood of other people that once you start something you want. It seems that bad moods are no sources: it simply slipped your mind when you were very easily impressed, or disappointed. Because of him, all the people and places you think are boring as all you can think of.

When you’re in a bad mood, it is important to remember that in this moment you see everything wrong, as usual. You’re wrong, because your eyes clouded. My head’s still functioning, but in the wrong mode, and with it disappear the good properties of the mind: intuition, compassion, patience and the ability to normally look at things. They needed to get back on track, but they are simply not there.

A bad mood is not showing you that your life really is, but you think that now you finally understand it all.

If you look at things from the side, you will see this: you are young, healthy, you have friends and family, you’re not mired in debt. But bad moods don’t care: it does not see value in any of this. Thinking about the positive aspects of my life in a bad mood, you’re not happy. You still want to lie down and stick your head under the pillow.

The role of physical discomfort

Under normal circumstances can be calm and patient, but in a bad mood, you quickly start to worry. Appears physical discomfort (stomach ache, dizzy, cold hands), which is superimposed on a lack of sleep.

Have you ever had to wage a long useless conversation when you wanted the toilet? Usually you listen patiently, but when I want to use the toilet, it’s hard to be a pleasant conversationalist. Physical discomfort prevent you from being a normal person. There is no place for good manners.

Bad mood has about the same nature. It prevents you to enjoy, because it’s bothering you.

How to overcome a bad mood

The first step in solving any problem is to acknowledge its existence. Just admit that it’s in a bad mood. A little test: if you don’t feel the joy and love that you are usually madly in love, it means you’re in a bad mood. Remind yourself that now you see things not as they really are. You give all the wrong rating, you’re looking at things the wrong way, so don’t trust all your thoughts.

The next step is to pay attention to your body. This is the smart way to respond to their own bad mood. Understand that there is a significant difference between the needs of your body and brain. Your body wants to sleep, and the brain may want to drink a beer. There’s a fine line between mental wants and needs of the body, which can be difficult to recognize.

In order to determine what your body requires, focus on physical sensations: feeling stomach as you breathe, not a headache. Scan your body by closing your eyes and noticing each sensation. Your needs should become apparent to you, and when you will satisfy your body, your brain will cease.


Very often in a bad mood trying to treat of self-indulgence. To drink beer instead of go to sleep is an indulgence. Be careful: a bad mood makes you a petulant child who often wants what he does not need.

Bad mood makes us desire comfort. It can be very intense and strong desire, and if we go on about it, there is a risk that this will turn into dependence. Everyone has their own ways to respond to this desire for comfort that could ruin us.

Some people go shopping and spend all your money. Some drunk, destroying your health and relationships. Who eats his fill until he gets ashamed of himself and his puke. Someone beats his fists into the wall. Someone spent hours looking at the TV. In General, I want to say that most of us are trying to somehow silence the voice of a bad mood, and it is costly.

When this pattern of behavior is fixed in your brain, it becomes part of your character and start to rule your life. The bad to grow the habit to comfort, it’s the fact that the treatment of a bad mood indulging your desire becomes a life style. The consequences you can imagine. Overeat when you’re sad — over time, begin to overeat always grow fat. Get drunk when you’re sad, eventually become addicted to alcohol become an alcoholic.

Think about how you usually respond to a desire for comfort. What does it cost you? You could do that does not cost you so expensive? A bad mood will from time to time to come into your life, but don’t let him Rob them. It will catch up to you more than once, and so you’re going to endlessly spend money on it, physical health and self-esteem.

Find another way of behavior in such situations. Take a walk, go see a friend, start to read books, work out, learn something, do anything that does not harm your health and wallet. In any case, always trying to put yourself in a supportive environment, you will only prolong the time during which you’re going to want something else.

A bad mood can go faster than you realize it, let him see himself from time to time and avoid to treat his self-indulgence. Remember: do not make important decisions until your head is not enough space for important thoughts. All my assessments take with a grain of salt. Don’t trust your vision of the future of its features and capabilities. Now there’s a lot you can’t see. Wait till you sober up. Sleep it off.

Basic rule: know that soon it will go, and try to inflict as little harm as possible.

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