Kelvin.23 — multitool for any cases, 25.07.2013, SdL1SOxRLZ2B7FWYh5mJJQYIP9HKmmoT

Not always in the multitool fits the needs of the people. Of course, not when this multitool 90 instruments and it is impossible to properly use. Never forget that it must be more or less compact.

Kelvin.23 is a multitool, ideal for work around the house, much more than for, say, the tourist walk. According to the developers, the tool is durable, has a number of useful functions and conduct with its owner many happy and useful years. Aluminum parts, zinc coating, and most of all made of excellent stainless steel. The device is equipped with: screwdriver, led flashlight, level, tape measure, a magnet that securely holds all screws in one place, 16 nozzles for screwdrivers of various types and a handy hammer for hammering everything.

This beauty you can purchase at the price of 30 dollars apiece. And it’s worth it., 25.07.2013, vPwoWWRLmZVCCbDnk4gf0fLSq3vta1hQ, 25.07.2013, ENyUEQXDBZXGJE4rPFSyoG39JSwVfXuN

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