Kegel exercises, or how to pump up genitals

Kegel exercises

The last two weeks I properly perform Kegel exercises. I know this is not very interesting details of my life, but it’s still a worthwhile thing. Now tell.

Kegel exercises (for those who don’t know) is exercise, which helps pump up the muscles of the genitals and the muscles around them. In fact, they were developed the most Kegel for women, and men they also fit — a nice surprise.

Of course, such exercises will not be particularly ripped and pumped, but they pumped up the muscles of the pelvis that stretch from the anus to the orifice of the urethra, which support the bowel and bladder. In General, these beauties depends on us having sex.

A brief history and dignity

California gynecologist named Arnold Kegel developed these exercises in the late forties, to help women recover after childbirth. It was soon discovered another benefit of these exercises, in addition to prevention of rectal prolapse and postpartum pain during sex.

But it doesn’t really matter, right? But what matters is that through these exercises the women began to experience more powerful orgasm, and they did it more often. For women who are capable of Squirting these exercises are useful because thanks to them, increasing its intensity.

For dudes the advantages are: Kegel exercises increase erection and sometimes even treat erectile dysfunction. The same applies to premature ejaculation. Well, in the knee-elbow position, the orgasms will also become stronger.

How to do Kegel exercises

The good thing about Kegel exercises is that they can perform regularly. For example, on Sunday when I watch football in the bar, you can do them while sitting and eating chips while drinking beer. And no one will notice.

The easiest way to feel your pelvic floor muscles you need to train is to interrupt urination somewhere in the middle, when you’re in fact not finished. Not the most pleasant idea, especially if previously you had a couple of Beers, but what can you do: muscles, limiting the urination is your pelvic floor muscles.

When you’re doing exercises, your testicles will move, it’s pretty funny. Well, at least I was entertained. And yet, these same muscles, if you’re interested, we employ whenever trying to contain escaping gases from the intestines.

Now we actually come to the point. How to build muscle the pelvic floor? Imagine yourself that you’re interrupting urination or trying not to fart. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then relax. For best results, do three or four set 10-20 times a day. Like your cock squats.

Another fun way to perform such exercises is to bring your own towel with boner. It’s really funny, and also helps to feel that you’re literally pumped his cock — I have this idea incredibly happy.

You’re probably asking: well, why should I do that? And I’ll explain. Three advantages. You don’t need to join the gym to pump up his friend. It’s very easy and you can do the exercises in any position, and doing things: lying, sitting, standing, in the toilet etc. and finally, the next day your muscles will not ache as it usually happens after a workout.

Do they work?

Something. Well, I do very long, so I can’t answer confidently. But I can say that a couple of days later started to feel good. This is when you just recorded to the gym and start to feel like you have to grow muscles, which are actually more guys are growing. But the scientific requirements I like. So try — nothing to lose.

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