Keep your ties in shape


A good tie can combine into a harmonious composition very different items of clothing. It will also allow you to easily diversify your wardrobe simply combining them with various shirts and jackets. But the tie is a delicate matter. If you don’t care about them, they quickly become worn and tattered strips of cloth. When you pay attention to only the safety and cleanliness of the jacket, but don’t care about the tie, its poor condition creates an untidy appearance. I present to you guys a few rules about how to properly care for your ties.

Untie the tie.

It is necessary to properly remove the tie. After a long day and just wants to get rid of this stranglehold. However, to overcome the temptation to pull the thin end of the tie through the site. This is the easiest way to untie a tie, but it destroys the shape of the node. If you want to make a tie in the last turn, just move it above the shirt collar.

Save the tie.

Cleaning a tie, many men turn it, throw in a drawer or put on a chair. They forget that the ties made from fine fabric and are extremely prone to adverse effects. As soon as you take off the tie, immediately gently hang it on a hanger or a rack. Hanging tie thus facilitates the straightening of the folds and curves of what was left from the node.

Front tie is a good way of investing money. Racks make storage of ties easy. The front in the shape of stairs, made of quality materials, is no more than 500 rubles. Spend some money on a rack for ties today and save money on the purchase of new ties.

When you are traveling and can’t pin the tie on the counter, neatly fold it and put it in his coat pocket. This will help keep the shape of the tie for the entire trip.

Clean the tie.

A small spot can lead to disrepair of any tie. Take care that pieces of food from falling on the tie during a meal. If you put a spot on a tie, you should immediately take action. Rinse the stain with cold water. For this purpose it is better suited to sparkling water. If you put on a tie with grease, water will not help. In this case, as soon as possible sprinkle the grease stain with talcum powder which will absorb the fat. After a few hours, shake off the remnants of talc using a clean and soft cloth.

If you give the tie to the dry cleaners, ask that they are not ironed. Most experts in dry cleaning iron ties, but it is bad for the edges and causes loss of shape.

Ironed tie.

As mentioned above, you should avoid Ironing the tie. Naturally, the tie will inevitably begin to wrinkle. The best way to smooth out wrinkles, without destroying the structure of the ties is to apply steam. If the folds are insignificant, for their smooth you can just hang the tie in the bathroom while taking a hot shower. For more severe smoothing of the folds is better to buy a hand steamer. Firm offers Conair steamers good quality for a decent price.

Pack the tie.

Packaging tie is wonderful because it allows you to store your ties in a safe place. So do not throw away packaging from the manufacturer. To avoid damage to the ties, put them in factory packaging and hang from the back of the shirt. Therefore a tie is not going anywhere and will be safe.

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